Scientists Say We Travel To Parallel Universes When We Dream

Every night, humans have an average of 6-10 dreams. A few minutes after being awoken, these dreams are usually forgotten. However, what if there’s actual meaning to dreams that would make them more lucrative to remember?

Modern science, as well as Native American tribes and Mexican nations, believe that we, or at least our brains visit a “parallel universe” when we dream. This would explain why humans can dream in color, and can senses with all five feelings what’s happening within the dream. If you’ve ever dreamed of eating your grandmother’s signature apple pie per se, have you ever realized that it feels like you can taste and smell the delicious pie in front of you? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of riding a roller coaster and felt the thrill of riding it as it climbs up the steep hills and rushes down the ramps.

The True Science Of Parallel Universes

Mystics also believe that there are places where dreaming takes place, but have related it to supernatural beings such as ghosts and spirits. However, since 1920 scientists have been trying to avoid such questionable beings, and in their quest to find the ideal place of nuclear particles to host dreams, they realized that such a formation would be impossible on Earth. Thus they shifted the argument away from the supernatural, and into an arguably more confusing field of physics.

An example of the scientist’s theory of parallel universes would be to think of two worlds: one in which you are born, and one in which you aren’t. Logically, you can never be in such a “dual” state within one dimension, and thus the need for multiple parallel dimensions arises. Think about it: in another world, there could be a copy of yourself who does things slightly differently, and as a result may have a better life than you. In another world, there could be a person like you who didn’t forget his lines at the corporate meeting. In another world, there could be another version of you who understands what is going on with our dreams–and maybe by then, we’ll know if the scientists or the mystics win out on this debate.


I would buy that if you were able to dream every day (night)with some type of remembrance of every one…but…

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You can, dream in a dream ,an you could.

Train to do so…start simple.


No one can control their dreams

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Vitamin b supplements also help for dreamrecall and prevent alzeiner deseas

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Like the movie Inception :wink::+1:


So where is the scientific proof in this one? All I see is "scientists say’ or “mystics believe”. The same perception in our wake hours such as the eyes perceive light and depth and shapes and colors and the brain paints a picture which is what we see is the same effects of dreams. All the data we capture including what we see, our memorys. the things our brain records that even our conscious does not relate as well as emotions and worries and fear and happy memories all come out and are formed into a picture in our minds just like when we are awake. Since parts of the brain go into an “idle” state when we sleep it is not the same exact physical sensations and sights as our awake state.
I do not buy into the other dimensions stuff …sorry

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When my wife was a girl she used to have what she described as “Flying Dreams”.
She told me she simply lean forward while standing on a roof or hilltop and would just drift off slowly, like superman after living on soy milk…lol
She said she would sail over the rooftops and knew where she was and where she was headed too.
Her flying dreams were like real life, and interestingly these are the kind of dreams she would remember after waking.
While she was fly she says she could control her flight path and flight height.


Wow that’s similar to dreams I have. I don’t fly in the dreams that much but I can sometimes , but usually it’s more like I start out running but super fast toward something really far away and it’s always a life or death situation… sometimes Its like I’m jumping and gliding across huge distances but the weird thing is I’ll be running on all fours like an animal but not an animal if that makes sense lol idk :sweat_smile: but they are incredible and I always remember every tiny detail of those dreams.


Your dreams sound like nightmares, wete you a child or an adult when you experienced these dreams

Yeah, its a nice idea but raises some questions. I use a lot of cannabis to help with back pain, and I’ve noticed I’ve stopped dreaming or I’m unable to recall my dreams back, at all. Does this mean I’m not dreaming or am I just not recalling that I have done so? Would a stoned version of my self be visiting these places and just not remembering? its very likely, as most days in 2020 feels like some fuzzy dream/nightmare anyways lol

 Interesting.  I have noticed, as I have aged, that the quality of my dreams have changed.  When I was a young person, before about 16 years or so of age, my dreams were what I would describe as ordinary, like a fragment out of my normal life.

 Starting around 16 and going strong until about 25 but declining there after, I had many lucid dreams in which I would become aware I was dreaming and I could go anywhere or anywhen just by desiring to do so.  In these dreams I traveled into the past, the future, one time I went to a planet 40,000 light years and saw the end result of a destroyed eco-system, with the only life forms left being a kind of grass like plant, a tree, all of one species, and some sort of intelligent life that I did not meet but I did see their dwellings.

 The intelligent creatures were the only animal life left on the planet and the grass and trees, the only plant life.  Their dwellings were circular with a conical solar roof, the sides looked like corrugated aluminum and they were about eight feet in diameter.  I would have liked to meet the inhabitants but did

not have time.

 Then starting about 25 these kind of dreams declined and for a while they went back more to the ordinary, but the last ten years or so (I am 61 now), most of my dreams have been other people, usually white males like myself though I did have a dream of being black last night.  These dreams are on Earth but places unfamiliar to me.

I used to dream I was being chased by something terrible but never ever saw what it was. Every single time at the end of the dream I would run into the corner of a room with nowhere to go and as whatever it was that was gonna catch me, just as its gonna get me, I would then manage to get myself running through a door at the other end of the room. I always think to myself that if im in a bad situation in a dream I can always control the outcome. Or is that just luck lol?

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Pot does that…stop a couple days and you’ll dream…or just remember it

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I’ve had dreams like that…you might think you are being in control,but until you can say”well I think I’ll dream about this and go there”it’s not happening…subconscious mind cannot be controlled…

I can’t remember when those dreams started but I’ve had them frequently as an adult.

There are dreams that are just dreams but some are those “travel” dreams. I know what this sounds like, but the travel explanation is only one that makes sense after some dreams.

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I have had flying dreams all my life; unbelievably real in every detail, mostly flying over massively large moving machines and dodging the rotating arms it was like I was midget.

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the other world is better, no one wears masks but the monsters in my dreams fell real