SCOTUS: Justice Thomas States Big Techs Should Be Treated as “Public Carriers”

  • Justice Clarence Thomas vacated the ruling on a smaller case (Knight First Amendment Institue at Columbia University vs. President Trump), in which the lower court ruled President Trump violated 1A for blocking people on Twitter
  • As suggested by Rachel Bovard, Policy Director at the Conservative Partnership Institute, Justice Thomas’s concurrence covered four pertinent areas in big tech censorship: 1) legitimizing the threat of concentrated corporate power; 2) Google gatekeeping info for 90% of the world; 3) gov’t outsourcing censorship; 4) justifications for common carrier regulation.

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It emerges that these corporations having mass communications platforms should be dealt with as public entities, meant to be open and free on counts. They can never be allowed to usurp the power of regulation, which are bestowed with only the elected law makers

Wisest justice on SCOTUS along with Justice Alito. The seven dwarfs should learn from the wisest.

Treated more like public criminals…

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