SCYTL BACKUP SERVER in Frankfurt Germany confirmed by Scytl own website

Website confirms it has a BACKUP SERVER IN FRANKFURT!

Sidney Powell CONFIRMED ON GLENN BECK radio that it was quote “our forces” who got the server in Germany!!!

Scytl is saying they only had that for the EU election in 2019.
Supposedly AWS (Amazon Web Services) hosts Scytl AND AWS does have servers in Frankfurt, Germany!

Page 3, paragraph 2 in the PDF above
To guarantee the success of this project, Scytl’s team began preparing nine months in advance. Over this time, we conducted 3 separate trial runs, 5 user acceptance tests, and we set up the data
collection center in Barcelona, as well as an emergency back-up
center in Frankfurt. Our election experts were also able to upload
past European Parliament Election results, dating back to the
1970s, to the official results website, making it the first time such
results were made available in a single online location.

Perhaps the US seized the portion of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) sever that housed the Scytl data!!

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