Shapeshifter dog

This is wierd, got a shock when i saw this photo of my little dog “tommy”, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: xxx. The 1st pic was normal,

but straight after, i took the 2nd pic, an its not me dogs face, its a womans face, aaaaaaarrrrrggghh… They ARE real pictures,


a combination of bad light , wrong shutter speed and the dog moving , nice dog all the same


Its impossible for it to be the light if you look at 1st pic, i took the 2nd right after, nothing had changed, thats the only reason i noticed it looked odd, :poop:meself when i saw the face, its creepy.

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your pics a bit dark and fuzzy did you use a camera or a phone to take the pic ? what f stop did you use ?

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Its a mobile, i live in a 400yr old farmhouse, the windows are small but the day was nice clear day with no cloud to change the light outside either + think its fuzzy cos I zoomed in slightly but didnt move myself. Its odd how in a few seconds his face changed👻

yeah you get that a lot with phone pics , any movement at all and thing can go astray , your eyes also amplify the light automatically , you dont realise its happening , but cameras and phones dont so sometimes your end result will be darker than you would have perceived

I know, ive got a decent camera aswell but dont use it so much now, can tell the difference in quality. I do know what your saying about the light etc but it was too fast inbetween pics being taken. Still strange to look at how human it is tho.

yeah i can see a big horn in the 2nd one , a bit like a rhino :slight_smile:

Its the eye and mouth what gets me, the lips are defo like a womans, this house is haunted anyway, by a female, and old man, too much to go into now though.

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cool , be not afraid of the spirits of the dead or they cannot harm you , animals are very alert to this i have seen my cat do strange things that i cant understand

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It’s just a shame that you didnt catch this on video. Spooky, though.

Like Roger says…your F stop is the culprit. The amount that cute little bugger moved his face between the time the shutter opens vs the time its closed is what the camera caught.
The exact reason people didn’t smile in old photos. They couldn’t hold their face the exact same way for the 10 seconds it took to take the picture.

Here i thought they didnt smile in old pictures , their teeth were rotten.

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Thats whats so strange about this, my little man tommy, he never took his eyes off me, was always staring at me and showing his teeth cos he loved smiling. He was the perfect little model as he posed for the camera. This pic was taken in 2017 , about a month after losing my mum. Maybe it was her trying to come through. Unfortunatley i lost him last year, he was 17. Ohhh, gettin choked up now. I really appreciate all the comments, thanks everyone.:hugs:

Well you know Pam, if you feel that could be your mom coming through, then I’d just stick with your gut and not worry about what anybody else thinks.
Sorry to hear about both your mom and little Tommy btw.


It’s his tail in front of his face

Thats lovely, you really are MrNice , thanks. I dont really mind what anyone else thinks anyway, its interesting, and guess its one of them things that will remain odd, someone said its his tail, naaaa, i know for a FACT its not his tail, sorry …:smirk:

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I could show u some shape shifting also, but I don’t think it would be approved. :eggplant::flying_saucer: