Shark Attack to the Head (GoPro video & after pic)

this Proves that Humans were not meant to go into the Ocean!.. when will we learn… we just need to send machines into the ocean to explore it, but there isnt really any reasons that people need to go in.


I’m scared shitless of the ocean, but you have to appreciate its beauty and those with the balls to head down to the depths!


yeah your right, i actually give the people that dive into the ocean props, and if they wanna swim with monsters… hey go for it. ! haha

that video is BADASS!


Do you think Sharks are the security guards for underwater Alien layers?

whoa that is an awesome theory and makes total f**kn sense !.. and im not being sarcastic!.


Lucky it wasn’t a tad bigger or head would have smushed like a grapefruit. Ouchie!

that shark came up on him like a Ninja shark too. haha

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Yeah it really did. Looked like a back alley sneak attack orchestrated by a professional criminal.

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they were killing the fish in that territory, honestly i think he was protecting his hood… the animals in the ocean communicate with eachother.

I’ll take my chance in water, I feel safer there than on the road…respect the ocean and that that lives in it, but don’t fear it…admire it while you can… :beers:

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im from CA, and i could never go further then Waist deep in the ocean… freakin terryifing , dont know how people swim fields out in the ocean.

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So are the sharks guarding the aliens to keep them from escaping or keeping us from diving down there and finding out?

::::: Hard time keeping a straight face ::::::::

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to keep us from finding them, there are documents of U.S.O’s, unidentified swimming Objects.

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So they came here from light years away and build under bottom of the sea bases…and need a shark to guard them


hahaha, always the skeptic!
never can accept something that could be true but you didnt learn in school.

I am simply applying common sense. So are you saying if we rent a boat and say go a mile away from the sharks and start throwing chum and fish guts in the water and they leave to go and feed…we can send a sub or divers down there and find those shifty sneaky gray rascals?

no but i wouldnt be suprised, if Aliens do have Giant Great white Sharks swimming around there Labs and weapons, that are buried below the floor of the Ocean, in order to scare off anyone who is trying to swim in the area. … you wouldnt think that could be possible. ??