Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans

Is the elite preparing for a cataclysmic event? The world looks to be getting closer and closer to the brink of a widespread economic collapse and war. However, it also appears that we may all have something a lot more serious to consider like cataclysmic events.

“They may have information we don’t.”

From on what we have gathered from a barrage of reports, we know of the Yellowstone Super Caldera and that it has been pretty active in the recent weeks. Many are being warned that a super volcanic eruption may happen at any moment and it threatens to kill millions. An event like this would not be unpredicted according to scientists who look to the Toba catastrophe theory. It suggests that a similar eruption might be responsible for a near Extinction Level Event. Around 75,000 years ago the human population went down to about 10,000 people worldwide.

Now we also see regular warnings from scientists about the possibility of ELE events like asteroid impacts and solar flares. Even though these theories and warnings were once relegated, they’re now on the fringes of the internet. Forbs Magazine came out with a new article that seems to be hinting that a major cataclysmic event could be on the horizon

Mysterious doomsday map depicts USA after rising sea levels

Now a handy map came in the picture that lets us know how rising sea levels will wipe out populations on the East and West coasts. A ton of people may or may not remember looking up Doomsday scenarios. There are a lot of billionaires buying bunkers trying to get ready for the supposed Apocalypse, and they’re also preparing for something that we don’t know about.

We may not know but one thing for sure, they’re buying more properties. They’re buying all these old missile silos and converting them into bunkers. They’re building their bunkers, and it’s amazing how prepared they’re becoming as time goes by.

Before people would never talk about this in a publication especially Forbes Magazine. Since they are talking about this, we shouldn’t overlook it because maybe what they’re saying has some truth to it.



Nasa Doomsday Map United States World

North America

Doomsday Map United States World



Doomsday map has Billionaires scrambling for bunkers


The First hit, will com from above…




Ive read that there is an “unforseen” delemma these aholes did not account for.

Reports I have read state that there has been a recorded uptick or rise in below ground temperatures, and this could be an ongoing trend to such a degree as to make many of these ELETE bunkers…Tombs.

Guess we will see :eyes:.
Good post Starman! :sunglasses:


Dutch are lucky, not much will change…we’re already under water :grinning:


Why don’t you make a topic about the REAL rising of the ocean level the last 100-200 years? It would show the nonsense of this map. There is NO sign at this moment that the water levels are rising dramatically.
The last ± 150 years the sea level rose ± 1.9-2.5 mm per year.


Either that, or I guess they wanna be the first to drown by going underground

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I agree. It would seem ill advised to go underground (i.e. underwater) if the sea levels are going to rise. It would make more sense to head for higher ground. I’ve seen this map before and am curious how the map maker is able to predict tectonic plate movements.

For reference; Search Future map of the world Gordon-Michael Scallion

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Stock piling food and water is the easy part, Stock piling of essential medicines to last a yr could be a problem, but the biggest problem faced with living in an undergroud bunker is Hygiene.
If there is a family of 4 for instance, thats roughly 4 x taking a crap each day.
What would you do with all that :poop:…?
where would you store all that bum wrap, you would need a hellova lot of poo paper.
Also you would need a shit load of water to wash each day, for cooking and drinking and for flushing away or someother way of ridding the place of crap


Just Deeper Reckon😜


That’s why I suggested going to higher ground. “You know what” runs downhill a lot easier. :roll_eyes: As for the tp supply, I’m not sure that it matters. As humans, we survived for millennia without it. The Romans used a piece of soft sponge, sometimes mounted on a short stick to give extra reach; early settlers used the old Sears Roebuck or J.C. Penney catalogs (maybe we’ll have to start printing them again); and I won’t disgust you with what the Eskimo mothers used to do to take care of the problem with their children. :astonished:

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This map is a “potential” forecast.
One of many. All of whicu have come from sources claiming to see future events.

Believe or dont.

It is strange though how many ex military have taken this seriously and are retiring in the N.W. part of what they now call the “Ark”.

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I’m not very good in believing.
However, there’s no proof at all, just speculation.

This is what many have reported as being the reason why so many military, gvmnt, and buisnesses have started pulling resources from the east coast.
The original vids I had are gone…
But this one will give ya an idea.

I look forward to the view of Lemuria out my livingroom window at sunset-ish, if the map is correct I stand a chance of survival here in California…but barely.
I leave my future in GOD’s hands.


Good thing the others in the realm get a vote on how the world is reshaped. Not just up to man.

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Wouldnt that just serve those rich self centred ass wipes right :rofl::rofl:

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