Shocking NASA document: Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare Circa 2025

Exposure of NASA’s plans for the world. PowerPoint document presented in 2001 on the future. They declare humanity has become a slow, expensive resource. They talk about tactics to control populations, weapons such as smart dust that can bury into to your lungs and carry out tasks, wave generating machines, beam weapons, viruses and vaccines, air, torturing US citizens on prime time news, psychological warfare- you name it.

The presentation is from Dennis Bushnell - the chief scientist at NASA Langley Research Center, he is responsible for technical oversight and advanced program formulation.

The premise of the document is about robots, cyborgs, and humans.

This is a must-read document for everyone who wants to know what the people who are against humanity have been planning and are currently attempting to execute.



The presentation is still online. Look for the full copy, not the one the only has 40 odd pages.

Presentation title: Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare Circa 2025


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