Should Super-Spreaders Be Quarantined?

All recent info coming out points to the obvious - only the vaccinated are getting sick.

So maybe we’ve got it backwards. Maybe instead of locking down the un-vaccinated we should instead lockdown the vaccinated? How does it make any sense to vilify the healthy and at the same time let the super-spreaders run rampant?

I mean what are they saying, that if you want your freedom back you need to become a super-spreader?

You know I’m being a bit sarcastic here. But it is a valid point.

If they want to play this game of poisoning the people for tyranny let’s not change the rules midstream. From the beginning they wanted the “contagious” quarantined, but now they want them in every theatre & restaurant?? #WTAF


The Truth:
There is no such thing as a covid super-spreader. This is just more bs to explain why close groups of vaccinated people are getting sick. They don’t want us to realize that the graphene jab is what’s making them sick.





Sh!+ gonna splode… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I can hear the fuse burning now

‘Super-Spreaders’ is a convenient and corrupt term, like ‘testation’. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that nugget.

Yeah man with every breath.
Anarchy isn’t a dirty word and ‘Punk’s Not Dead’! Just some funk soul brother or any other music therapy for the free.
‘Warriors On The Edge Of Time’ works for me. :v:


i dated a super spreader once

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they weren’t talking bout aids…

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Arent you a clever trevor

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