Ski Lift Goes Crazy in Russia, Starts Throwing Passengers Into the Air

Apparently in Russia the ski lifts try to kill you:


same post at the same time lol think you got me by a min. so I double posted :v:
I just flagged mine.

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Holy shit that must have an emergency stop button!! I wonder how many vodka bottles got broken? that said i know why they couldnt find the emergency stop button.


Russians don’t believe in emergency stop buttons.

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This is why Russians are some tough hombre’s.

I wanna have a turn :grinning::+1:t2:


Looks like that lift should be at Action Park used to go to as a kid…no rules really and danger at every corner. You def had to watch out for yourself there…but man it was fun as Hell!!! Especially no no-bumping go-karts. Couple people died there too.

Old video.

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^Yes it is.
It happened in 2018 why are we posting this twice all of the sudden?

Also it happened in Georgia, not Russia geniuses. You know that place with the amazing tasty food, an amazing culture and history, a wonderful mountain helicopter ace named Mimino and of course how could we forget a US, Harvard Biz school, tie nibbling puppet froot cake named Kaakashvilli.

However yes they are speaking Russian. Pizdets is most definitely the correct word to describe this situation. Yet another place America should have known better than to send their troops and cronies into.


This, and that giant rolling ball accident! If my handlers in the Russian government ever ask me to come visit, I think I’ll stay away from the slopes!

Wow, never saw that video before.
It was crazy to watch. It seems more serious in real life then what the viewer can experience in the video.
I really feel sorry for the two in reddish clothes. One was trying to get off but was hanging on the other person sitting and they crash into the pile of rumble.
That’s like a pendulum on a pendulum. That’s fast!

Anybody know the final casualty count from this tragedy?

Omg i swear that one person that didnt jump…didnt make it

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Aye, I remember this from a few years back. I’m sure that at the time it was rumoured that there was fatalities on that day.
0:54 into the clip. :see_no_evil:

You’re so smart evil mushroom :neutral_face:

Ok that would not be funny, but Russians are tougher than a granite rock. :rofl:

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