Slaughterbots, Shaped Explosives & Covid Jab Tagging! Oh My

Sure you’ve heard about it. Now think about it.

The vax nanotech is also a permanent ID and micro-receiver ???


Would anyone here on dtv really be surprised if it was a geo tagging 24-7
nano marker of some sort, luciferase for example?

Only demons would want to mark humanity for tracking globally,
only demons would try to create a.i. in the first place and we can never trust the intentions of those who do create such potential for evil.

That video is absolutely frightening to the very core of our souls because
these human turds only create stuff they intend to use but first they will
create an external enemy to try it all out on us then they will create internal
enemies which is us to use it on once its tested & proof of concept proven
you can bet on this.

Welcome to the new age of hell on earth my friends im sorry but demons have got inside humans and more then ever now,
but alas this is really only the beginning the elite themselves
don’t even know what they are really in touch with via there so called a.i. and
whose deceiving them [the elect] as well as us too.


Truly the battle of good vs evil, I think… and fear. Saddest yet (I think) is that if you’ve taken the jab you might already be permanently marked… and enslaved… and don’t know it yet. Frightening to say the least

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In fairness lads, we almost all walk around voluntarily with devices on us that can be tracked. I doubt it is anything to do with tracking really. I have a more pedestrian idea that I’ve been thinking about making a post on. Maybe will do later

Speaking of Luciferase… Could we get some people to scan their injection site/ jab area with their phones? I wonder if some sort or qr code is detected

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Didn’t they also state that rhis stuff glowed with black light? Maybe thats worth a try also.


So glad to this vid making rounds again.

It has been pulled many times.

I have the original backed up.
Because the frequency of its censorship.

We are all waiting for the “Good guy” to recieve his lethal wound and start the final countdown to make all of this under his name.

Turning believers into enemies of their governing system. The trial runs have already been played.
Wont be long now. The Figs will ripen soon.





I try to be a good guy, most of the time… I would never deploy thousands of those mini drones for any nefarious reasons… I just need a handful… Four or five will do… :grinning:

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Go ahead and make it a baker’s dozen. :grinning:

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So if these are surgical…and seemingly unstoppable. Ud have to fool the AI. (?) Make yourself unidentifiable some how. Ditch ur eletronics and be a “sheep” in a herd of sheep…idk but this is scary chit

They are likely heavy military grade encrypted.
I bet they can now make them much smaller but just as dangerous especially swarms.

This is insane to even create somehting like this, whats wrong with humans seriously?
Don’t anwer that i think i have some idea already and it’s not scientifically pc.

The unabomber was right.

I imagine the hack will be available… for the right price

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