Slide 9 From Elizondo's Pentagon AATIP Presentation


Maybe this is what’s going on with the crazies on the Left. (From Elizondo’s Pentagon AATIP Program:

4 minute excerpt:

The above link is actually just an excerpt from a longer interview with Luis Elizondo. Also (I’m not at all familiar with the guy performing the interview… Man, IMHO he’s very sharp and has done his homework! Its kinda long, I mostly listened during my commute drive time. The first part of the full interview is not of too much interest. He broadens some of the discussion around the 38:30 minute mark and also around the 57:00 minute mark. Not anything too new for us (touches on Project paper clip, Alexister Crowley, John Parsons (JPL) NASA but, Elizondo mostly deflects… Althouse its interesting to hear him expand on his normally very cautious nuts-n-bolts DoD / IC perspective explanations. (Touches on abductions and conscientious). Toward the end the interviewer gives his own personal story. IMO I’d heavily suggest staying away from that (consciousness) approach, as I believe it could open dark-side doors.

Full interview here:


Another good job Ripley

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Thanks, I don’t post or reply too often so, I really appreciate that! :pray::sunglasses:

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Here’s a short 25 second video clip, basically (Elizondo, who is either a shill or pseudo representative of the U.S. military / Pentagon) speaking about the 3 grainy videos released by the Navy a couple years ago. Everyone has seen them, the video quality is horrible.

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I’m also not familiar with the host in the first video but I like him. Intelligent guy who asks good questions. Several tid-bits of information that I’ve never heard.

Regarding the tic-tac videos that were leaked/released, there has to be a better quality video still locked up. I’ve seen better video quality from 1980’s porno. The evidence is compelling and I don’t think it’s ours but if that’s really the best cameras our tax dollars can buy then we’re going to have to cut back on our politicians cocaine and hooker allowance.

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Good post! That guy and his History Channel show and To the Stars Academy, something is up
with him.

A pawn in the bigger game perhaps.

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I think it was proven those 3 videos were cropped and edited to make em crappy.