So is anyone here on the FB page? What an eye opener

So I joined the Fb group a few months ago, really just to see what was happening in there compared to here. I noticed there was a few mods, not sure how many, but one guy Thomas Bearden I think his name was, would post anti trump stuff pretty much all the time. So I’d glance over the comments and noticed he was extremely rude, calling people fcking idiots and on and on. So I never really engaged the guy, he seemed pissed off with life from day one, is right into the dems and hates trumps guts, his right. just not my cup of tea.

anyway so I posted some stuff refuting the magical myth of black holes when someone posted some nonsense article about a star being eaten up by a black hole. Posted several of the highly respected Dr Pierre-Marie Robitaille videos and said straight up black holes are bad sci-fi and cannot and will not ever exist in our reality and that a paradigm shift was well underway etc. Posted the Crothers lecture that completely destroyed LIGO and their scam claim of gravity waves etc. Had one guy try and tell me I was mad and only peer reviewed science and ‘real physics’ is all we need etc, so I gave back as best I could telling him he was a brainwashed knuckle dragger etc. He was being a PITA so I blocked him, so I didn’t have to bother with him anymore, just annoying tbh. Im often pressed for time so have no time for dramatics (why I had to block NE on here recently also, time consuming and always looking for a fight). Then his brother chimes in with the threat of ‘unblock my brother or you will be permanently banned from this group’ blah blah blah, I said it’s cool I was leaving anyway and left the group. There is basically nothing in there aside from sheep soaking up the mainstream bs we’ve been fed for decades. I was quite surprised by this.

My point is, I’m amazed at the different levels of intelligence, or lack of when compared to the ‘real’ site here, really night and day tbh. Not sure how they get or organise moderators but I really think they scraped the bottom of the barrel there. I’m not blaming anyone or having a crack at Lukas or anyone at all, just a little astounded at all the sheep in there. That page is definitely not for me. They certainly don’t seem to be seeking truth but instead just blindly believing everything they get fed.

Lastly, to get to truth, you have to argue, you have to fight and you have to provide evidences to support your stance. So it’s not all fun and games, some of these topics have grave implications for all of humanity and should be dealt with using a neutral mindset and a desire to learn as much as possible. I never stop learning, I never stop asking questions. Like uncle kenny says, you aren’t going to go looking for your house when you’re sitting inside it, ie you aren’t going to search for answers for the things you think you have the answers to. This is humanities biggest problem, or one of them at the very least. We settle and don’t hold these scientists to task when we should, they’re not special or elite, they’re just humans looking for funding each year, they HAVE to discover stuff or the pay roll stops. I am far from perfect and I’ve been ashamed of the way I’ve carried myself in the past, at times that is. I try my best. But when people’s minds are made up there is no coming back, they will never look at contrary evidence even when it’s presented on a silver platter for them. It’s a real shame. I’m just glad this site seems to be sticking to open mindedness and the quest for truth. They can have the FB page. This is the REAL disclosure web site, nothing else comes close and certainly not bookface.

Rant over. go easy please.


Disclose is the only thing I use in regards to any kind of Social Media. Defo some trolls out there who just want to feed their egos and have some little online power trip. Sad truth is mate, most these people live their lives through social media, but never leave their house and actually live their lives or have any real friends. :sunglasses:


Blows my mind mate. a real shame. glad this place exists, was a bit worried for a while it may not continue.


The FB group was once set up by us and some voluntary mods were assigned. But honestly, it’s not even connected to our FB page anymore and we have not monitored the group or moderators in the last months as closely as at the beginning. We may shut the FB group down completely at some point in the future.

This here, certainly, is the place to be going forward. So, welcome!


Im not on FB page but i am on others and it is same way with those sites! I join this site few days ago and im very glad i did. For most part the maturity level on here is much higher( some responses have me lmao)

Also ppl dont wanna hear the truth. Its easier to believe a lie the to go look for real answers.


What person with more than 5 brain cells uses Facebook anymore? Just log out of there and let those weirdos choke on they own carcass. Like my boy Lukas said, this is the place to be yo


You’re stooping to their level with a post like this. Don’t let them bother you.

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Lovely Well Written Post

Thank You Rich

I Appreciate Your Honesty



Sooooo…trying to sneak over to Facebook huh🤨?

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…and that, boys and girls is why I said goodbye to Facebook at the start of the year. The other over on Twitter isnt as bad. But I’ve noticed that someone is pinching some of our topics from time to time, the moderator even pinched my photo of 2 critters used to explain 2 unknown creatures on a home security camera. It was the same bloody post!! I’m glad I’m here and on discord.


There is just so much misinformation, and agenda drivin quagmires on the MSM sights.

Thanks DTV for providing this platform,
So long as we continue to connect and respect eachothers views and opinions we can grow stronger and more confident as facts are gleamed from the chaff. :sunglasses:


We Are Blessed


Yes ma’am we really are! Thnx dtv!


That is brother fatdog
From UK
He is no entry’s patron saint.
He can be allright but he has to respect your wushu of debate.

To me fatdog is the leather strip to make my liberal shave so close you can test for diabeties


I was a mod on there but left, another mod left shortly after me too, FB has a very strange dynamic, that group doubly so, its nothing like what DTV has been & is now, and it certainly didn’t fit well with me !

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Yeah man, I too left FB years ago for the same reason. Well, I also got tired of peoples back yards, what their eating, or how their nails look as they flaunt their fake ass life pretending everything is hunky dory…

And what’s a PITA? Don’t ya mean he was being a noentry? Lol jk


I pinched yer photo :flushed::kissing_heart:

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Oh Sna App

@Othelzer @Nwadsm Whats up with everyone having beef with my boy Noentry? Did I miss something?

Was it you? :laughing::laughing::laughing:
I thought it was an admin member on it. If it was you, that’s ok by me.

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