Social media is virtual cancer 😠

You couldn’t pay me to go back to social media, I will tell you a little bit about my experience with it. I had been on social media for more than half of my life and only a few months ago did it really sink in what damage it was doing to me… and surely to most people.

I would spend alot of time “scrolling” like if somehow refreshing the page would lead me to something substantial, but it never did.

I would see the perfect life people seemed to have, and feel depressed and worthless, even tho in reality they were just showing people what they wanted people to see.

Whenever I felt alone, my first reaction was always, take out my phone, message someone… someone is bound to want to talk to me, but what happened when no one did? Just more feelings of loneliness, worthlessness and depression.

Whenever I broke up with someone, I would try and post stuff to make my ex think I was having the time of my life (in the odd chance they were still stalking me), but inside I just prayed and hoped they would message me again and the hole in my chest would be filled.

I would silently judge people who would post things that go against what I believe, thinking I was “above them” and they were just idiotic. But also I would argue with people endlessly even tho no discussion ever ended with someone changing their mind, the problem is that unlike a forum, when I would argue with someone, it was someone I had met in real life that I respected at some point… it was weird to see this other side of them.

When someone would unfriend me, it was a huge hit to my ego “What did I do wrong? Why dont they like me anymore?”

I can keep going but you get the idea… living without social media has at least helped me live in reality, not this illusion of “connection”, and now I see how bizarre it is that we live in a world where we allow other people to see much of our life… its just so weird, you wouldn’t yell down the street your personal life, so why is social media any different?


This is social media too. Run!

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Hahaha… yeah it technically is, and so are sites like Youtube, but for example this is Disclose dot TV… incase you dont know, the TV is used on websites that are meant for pure entertainment, just like watching a show.

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You are talking to me and we can heart each other’s comments. It’s social media.


Okay b1tch you wanna fuck with me… this is a message board meant for anyone in the public to discuss subjects pertaining to the topics. The whole “liking” each other comments things just shows how much social media is affecting everything. And also this site only collects our data so the owner can make some cash, not some big-ass corporation.


I have no Facebook except the one I created for DTV Facebook.
No Instagram, I do use WhatsApp and viber, but this is more for communication. DTV is my only social media vice.

If social media empowers your life and how you see yourself within society. The problem is not the instrument it is the user.
I been told the people have become addicted to likes pumps up their self worth… For me the most harmful thing is you cannot escape it, today the world follows you through your front door and into your bedroom.


Oooo, calling me a “b1tch” in a non reply reply. That is so social media.

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The same reason they troll people on here. Its anonymous and safe most of the time. I have never been on facebook at all. I thought it was stupid the first time I saw it. I have dabbled on twitter but that was not for twits or twats or whatever. It was to talk to a couple of friends in their direct messaging.


Certainly has the unnecessary hostility of social media and I bring the trolling… Still seems like social media to me. Care to keep going and prove me right at the same time?

Do you often just repeat your jokes thinking the other people will cave and think its funny? Let me guess… you dont often get many laughs and cant figure out why?


Lol… That was funny.


Social media is a virtual cancer and is no joke. You getting worked up… over what? is kind of funny.


it all depends on how it is used… but yeah, I see what you are sayin, saw it for years… I keep it so I can at least message those who I knew, don’t really care about anything else, and don’t add anyone I don’t know.

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The more time people spend on social media the easier it is for people to be manipulated or even controlled directly or indirectly by comments and opinions of other people online OR even in person.

They have done studies on this and found the more time you spend on social media the more shallow and short sighted you become and even your self-esteem and opinion of yourself as well as how you identify “who” you are but publiclly and privately becomes dependent on the opinion of people around you both in-person and online.

The majority of people that are you “friends” on social media would not ever really care about you or want to help you if you showed up in front of them and asked for help.

Cue the black mirror episode “Nosedive” this is quickly becoming a very serious reality instead of a entertaining “what if” scenario

There is also the Orville’s “majority rule”.

Both of these episodes portray a very possible future.

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@kralgreg1973 I often hear drug addicts/alcoholics use this logic “it all depends how I use it” “Its just a little” “I can quit anytime”… but you have to consider the cons vs the pros not just for you but society overall. Social media is doing way more bad than good. If people say that they only on there to keep in contact with a few people… there are many other ways to stay in contact with other people and talk to them, and actually care about them, not this superficial “connection” where you stay in contact with them by reading some posts they made online.

Indeed, I used to be one of those “Oh c`mon its not that bad” “It depends how you use it” type people. But once it finally clicks, you notice how incredibly shallow it all is. I would rather have one real friend than the illusion of friendship and connection that social media creates.

Its hurting relationships in so many levels… for example, I know a few girls who spend hours editing their pictures to make themselves look “perfect”, because they only feel validated when people give them likes and tell them they are beutiful… and this relates to the current dating trends where everyone wants to be in a “polyamorous no strings attached” type of thing… because they are growing in this social media world, where if you get bored of someone you can just “mute them” for a few days, rather to try and have meaningful relationships.

the whole point is the MAJORITY of people don’t understand that their social media “friends” are not people that actually care about them at all short of a comment for attention.

There are people that actually know every single person on their “friends” list and use it for communication.

When I used facebook (over 2 1/2 years since I logged in because I moved and got sick of the lame BS drama and cliche posts for attention) I knew in person every single one of my “friends” with the exception of one or two that were friends or relatives of people I knew in person.

I was talking to actual “friends” that could have stood in front of me in ten minutes or less (with the execptions of people in other countries of course).

90% of the people on facebook don’t know about their “friends” much past what is on their “social media profile”

Yeah dating seems to be the worst “affected” by the disease of social media “thinking” or better called “following”.

I have trouble finding any girl I connect with on a personal level because their mind is controlled by the opinons of their “friends” rather than being able to form a “personal” opinion or independant thought of any kind without checking if it’s “popular enough” to “think” that.

Not to mention how the more somone is on social media the more importants they put on shallow things that fade away with time like looks, and bank account statements and how they act around their “friends”.

It’s started to even affect popular opinion and politics ask anyone under 40 what they think about Trump (or any prominant world leader or public figure) and the majority of them will regurgitate the same lame lies or “opinions” trending on the Libertard controlled media say about them even when it was debunked or proven wrong several times.


I hear you, and agree with some. In fact, I have a story, and about both my distaste and appreciation to some aspects. I don’t care about drug addicts/alcoholic logic as you do indeed put it well with that analogy, have one of those ex brothers, by blood relation myself… and 26 yrs of trying before enough was bloody enough. Anywho… with the stupidity and dependancy on social media that some have, my niece, / ex-niece… would rather stare at her damn phone texting and messaging her friend sitting next to her rather than speaking, to anyone, at a camping trip with family she hadn’t seen in years all together. Promised kids to play hide and seek in the woods with them… 1 hr later, she was still on her phone BS and the kids were… “why didn’t you tell us you wouldn’t rather than tell us you would and waste our time…”
on the other hand, those who I shared much with over the past, and I am a hermit by nature, and don’t meet new folk easy, I like to keep in touch with ex co-workers, old friends, everyone has their own lives, and is so good to the heart to see them, or share an idea with them. So I will force up a little ire now, which is difficult considering what I did kinda take personally, and I apologize for that… I never tolerate someone calling BS on me when I don’t speak unless I know, but also don’t expect you to know, is good to feel sometimes. I despise phones, despise the need for all to expect contact immediately. I know how to speak, but don’t have all folks phone numbers, nor do they have mine, and we don’t expect responses for weeks, if at all. I grew up when you call, and there were no answering machines, or even, you just needed to dial four numbers to connect where you needed, rather than the full 10. It is not social media’s fault, it is those dependant upon it, and that all comes down to how they have been ‘educated’ to deal with things. So, no… gonna stick by that. I hope you are doing well. It feels like you are judging based on your experiences, and that is ok… but here is the response you get sometimes. I both like and dislike… one aspect over another… and that is fine, just as is your opinion on the matter. But I will say, I lost contact with several that I was able to find again, and catch up, and still be a part, just as they with me.
but yes, sometimes there are those with little sense at all getting lost in all the BS rather than actually using it to really stay in touch. We used to do that over the BBS systems over satellite with 1200 baud modems before all this happened, so use your time wisely, was long distance often to call in with the computer.
I think you are simplifying too much in your last comment.
But you are of course, like everyone, entitled to my opinion. hehehe, don’t we all feel so?