Some good news

Basically, MIT says vaccine skepticism is logical and rational:

And because of this, if we are dismissed as irrational (conspiracy theorist nut jobs) then it only makes us more determined.
Because we’re right… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Keep it up, people!
When they say it’s mandatory, there will be a rising (hopefully). Bloodshed may be inevitable, though, since violence will be their last resort to make the people submit.


I am betting old poopy pants walk Biden has not had the jab himself. The old perv just wants everyone else to get it. They should shoot him up with salt peter when he has to be around kids.


If you read the article carefully, especially the last couple of paragraphs you realize they are not as much saying do not get the vaxx. They are saying the leftist dictators and communist should stop being condescending because it makes people push back harder. Those words are true but wasted because I have never met a liberal who was capable of any factual exchange they just shout racism or misogyny at every challenge to their mantra. I notice also there is an ad asking for donations to give money to “fight the lies being told about Covid”. I hope they hold their breath for that one.


All universities are in Soros/Gates/CCP pockets. Name me one university that did not take bribery from the above mentioned. So everything they say is pro jab .


Me and my family have all refused. Even my wife she had covid last year. We have called it the death shot. Thanks to all of one of the only places that ring truth. Long live us conspiracy nut jobs!


Old poopy pants :rofl:


There are to many agendas attached by the gross imposing upon humanity under guise of Vax which its not but rather gene therapy that’s not hard understand.

A complete rouse as if these people can be trusted!! who finances MIT and there professors right!! who in return write favorably and defend the bosses cause, that’s typical human nature.

Welcome to the Schlob & Davo Z nation.

I seen this the other day and think its quite fitting.



Watch him walk. He walks like his huggies are fully or Ensure generated poop and he does not want it to fall out.

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He walks funny because Obama pushing his shit in while Joe bites lip and wears his sunglasses…takes it.


Those sunglasses are to hide his demonic possession black eyes


He’s just trying to show off as if he’s like “Mr. Joe Cool.”

This f@#king guy… :face_vomiting: :confounded:

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From birth he has been mentally deficient. That is most likely from New England Blue Blood inbreeding. But being from a rich family he had no expectations of him. Bad grades and attendance should have kept him out of law school. Money paid his way in there. Horrible bottom of the class grades should have kept him from graduating law school, money got him a degree.
Lies he got caught telling should have precluded him from being a politician, but money paid the media to overlook and not report it. He claimed to have been top of his class in law school. Quick research showed he was something like 86 out of a class of 95. Several under him were lower because they dropped out. Most of the dropouts had higher grades than him until they dropped.
In summary this man is a crooked lying evil loser. If he had been born with the same thing as the average american he would be riding the back of a garbage truck telling the driver to “come on back”.
That is what is wrong with human society and it has always been that way.


Cheating, deceiver, yeah he’s a major liar.

The trickster.

As I said when he was elected…we are going down a dark road now, I think some libs and dems think “oh let’s try it see what happens,maybe this will work out for ME…”- dumb suckers.


WATCH what happens. They wanted it so… :man_shrugging:

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I couldn’t agree more with this statement! We need too pull together with our grit with our strength and stop voting for these career politicians who want nothing more than to pit us against each other so they can send in the military and take over this Country with their socialistic agenda. Let’s stand together America We Are The People…

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I think a bunch of them were saying “I bet he gibsmedats better than Trump and I beez want dat free stuff”

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He wears sunnies so that we cannot see him follow the tele prompter.



As I see it, he is spot on. Where are OUR million man marches against this crap? Why are WE not taking to the streets to protest in the thousands the way the people of the UK are doing? They don’t even have guns!

And look here, I am not advocating violence, but a real march like that where literally the streets are jam packed and things get really shut down? It’s not happening. We keep hoping someone else will do it. And that is truly sad. Because we do have the power.