Someone wanted a new music thread, something to warm your heart

Someone here wanted a new music thread. Well here it is. Was my first step on the yellow brick road back in 86. listen to every word. TURN IT UP TO 10 AND FEEL IT IN YOUR SOUL

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Dio, resurrecting Dio you need mis cleo

thats funny…dont even know how to respond

Bring him back

When there’s lightning , you know it always brings me down
Cause it’s free and I see that Ito me
Who’s lost and never found
I cry out for magic, I feel it dancing in the light
It was cold , I lost my hold
To the shadows of the night …l

It would be nice if ya found a vid to go with the lyrics :grinning:

My Wedding Song…


Good Lord…all I could envision was a skinny tranny in zebra stripe spandex frizzled hair and 50 bracelets on each wrist.

Dio - Like the beat of a heart live - YouTube

Im gonna inch it up to 10 and demolish your hole.

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An old favorite.

Shout out to Michigan, these boys are outta Frankenmuth!

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Who was it?

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