Something Spooky, Shadow People

With the Holiday of spooks just round the corner, I thought we needed a spooky thread.

Whats your thoughts?
Have you seen any?


The Black Hat Man

When I Around 17

So Roughly 40 yrs Ago…

Very UnSettling

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Me too except early 20’s

I didnt even know about hatman till about 8yrs ago.

Whats your description?
I get chills to this day.


Right…Same Here

Tall Thin
Black Suit
Top Hat

Black Silhouette
With Light Coming From Behind

It Was In Front
Of My Closed BR Door

Felt The Neg Waves…

Very Scary

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Mine was multiple times.
Last was peering round edge of closet door.

Dressed in Yellow Dick Tracy Trench coat, and very large brimed Yellow hat too.

And… I saw his face. :eyes:
Scariest part about that is all stories and accounts Ive found make it clear…
No body has seen the face, some doubt he even has one. but Ive seen it.
Given me goosebumps, and chills thinkin back on it even now.

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I Believe You…

My Impression

Was Faceless…

It Was Only 2 or 3 Seconds…

I Always Felt Like
It Was Watching Me
Lucid Dream…


Many many times. I also know several others who share the experience. Back when AOL was worth a crap we had a chat group that actually met up one time. Some of them, just a few, we still talk on Yahoo and emails.


When I saw this it was all in black.

The picture on the left is actually just like him. The one on the right,never saw that


Thanks for the info Danny.
Im an artist at heart.
I drew a pic of a shade that Ive seen before
but Ive never made a drawing of “him”.

Most wouldnt believe it.

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Duke University believes it because thousands have seen it all over the country. They actually did an investigation on it. That was back when they had a group called the Rhinehart Center for Paranormal Study. …Today it is Duke Center for Parapsychology or something along those lines.

do you think its still going?

secondly, have you ever known anyone to have claimed to recall any facial features?
From what Ive found so far its a zip.

They disbanded the Rhineheart. Now it is part of the university curriculum. All ever saw were eyes I could not make out a face. No one else in the group saw a face that I remember them saying. I can tell you as a child it terrorizes you and makes you almost suffocate from fear. After I found God I spoke him away and he is gone. I still sometimes see things but I never look for it or explore and I have no fear.

The one eyed monster in my boxers

Same here, thats what I did.
Still see rare glimpses of shades but no more hat.

Power of the:



Yes The Left
VERY Close…

Mine Had Better Posture

And Didn’t Cast a Shadow…haha

Yes the name of JC really works it did for me too,
my experience wasnt the hat guy but just as scary and freaky beyond words
and happening since childhood too like you guys says above,
thanks its quite comforting knowing you aint the only one hehe.
Go JC and God best ever…


Ive had several shadow people encounters. The most notable would happen nightly when i was in my early to mid teenage years. Id leave my bedroom door open and all night long the shadow of a head and shoulders of a man would repeatedly look in my room at me…like he was checking on me. He would never come in fully…just slowly lean in and out. Watching him do this put me to sleep like counting sheep he would do it over and over all night long. It was strange that he never crossed that threshold. Like he knew that distance was my comfort zone. Any closer i would have probably panicked. This went on for years.


I must ask did you have any interest in ghost, spirits of the occult before and during the time this was happening?

No not at all…but i seem to be some kind of paranormal magnet. Since about the age of 13 weid things happen to me all the time. Ive never went out of my way looking for this stuff…it just happens. So much so, last year i started a paranormal journal to document everything that happens to me. It all seems so random. I thought if i document this stuff i may find a patern…plus it helps me remember. Also all these strange things led me here to this site.


We have some things in common. I am the same way. I can sense them when others cannot and its really hard to tell people how you know, but you just do.