Something that made me go hmmmm, is it true that...?

Is it true that DiscloseTV is “housed” in the same building as a “three letter agency”?

This is a private message I got in the run up to the theAlein fiasco on January 31. I always found it entertaining. Surely this can’t be true, can it?

Is the full picture coming into view for people yet?

I am not too shabby at painting pictures as you well know, with paints, words shucks even screen shots… should we play the tootsie pop game? How much BS has to be exposed until the truth is undeniable to all? A little advice guys… you do not want me to do this, frankly I don’t want to do it either, never wanted to, but if your going to pull this shit you’re pulling, it will not go unanswered that I promise, I’ll nuke this bitch. I guess they didn’t call me Dr.Strangelove for no reason, they musta known. I am a huge fan of Dtv and y’all knew that way back when, we will start with that…

I’m not your friend, I’m not yet mate, I’m not yer pal, I’m not yer buddy, shoot I’m not even yer huckleberry, at least not by choice. I am however not going to put up with psyop bullshit and being targeted, I will expose you again and again and again and as many times as it takes. Willful ignorance is a terrible idea! What I’ll do is take it slow, I will allow you to make excuses until you incriminate yourself to such an extent well… you will no longer believe your own lies. The forum format is perfect for that. Some call it deduction, others call it logic, of course some here will call it crazy. How predictable is the guilty conscience or that of a psychological predator backed into a corner? As soon as I trigger you into willful ignorance, it’s game over, some of you know this as is evident in the use of sock puppets instead of your PR friendly handle. Cute.

So what’s next? More veiled threats and cryptic thread titles and suggestions to remain silent and take a break from the forum? Can I make a recommendation? How about this for a title… Cointel Pro exposed, we never signed up for this, we were supposed to be the good guys! Wah wah wah waaaaahhhh!

As for the original question… a simple yes or no will do.

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Makes sense . I found out patreon censors important info. Bummer! Not to mention as a supporter, they have all my information.

Good Lord man, all this from having a bit of fun?
You have completely lost it
Who actually sent that message cause I dont see a name in the from if its a private message, so it could be from any one as you just pointed out you good with photoshop, and for someone of your “intellect” you would make sure that was in there for all to see.
Your letting emotions get in the way of having fun, keep it up, and im going to ask for my tennis racket back that i lent you !
But all this sounds threatening to this great cointel pysop theather as you call it,

And yet you claim

Which is it man?
They call you dr strangelove cause you date a hamster!


It’s always telling when psychological predators are backed into the “I was just joking” “it was a a bit of fun” corner. Usually it starts with a deleted post, because they know they went overboard, we saw that the other day. And now there is this.

Ok, hows this?
Im not joking and your a loon
Only reason i back up is to keep you away from my back door, cause, ya know, you like ass play, ya freak lol

It’s nice to see yer having a good time here on Dtv


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If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, and quit being a hypocrite that feeds off other people’s words as if you own them you parasite.
Give credit where it’s due or stew in your own juice goose.
I’m sick and tired of worry bags and fretful fanny’s, and if you don’t want the truth, or can’t handle a scandal, you should stop asking questions you reckon you already know the answer to.
Get outside and shout out the doubt, pose or pout then you’ll see how many, or how few like you there are for real.
Having said that, thanks for nothing. :ok_hand:

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Its all ok can we still be buddy’s?

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I always found the reactions to threads like this most enlightening.

Heres an oldie but goodie from the “disappeared” collection…

Who is Todd and what did you guys do to him?

You want to know how this site got started it might cause some trust issues they wanted me bad I turned them down for years I thought posting on here was a trap to expose myself target myself but there is two sides to every thing and this side Ladies and gentlemen is the one you want to be on I really think we should delete this thread so it doesn’t make us look like part of the problem yes they did delete some stuff like the image of someone having sex in the oval office in reflection of window after biden election yes in the past there have been some things but you all have to understand there are reasons and sometimes some things might have to be done to protect people’s lives or something you might not even consider this shit is for real people are dying more will die it’s not all fun and games sometimes people put nonsense on here meaningless but our purpose will that’s a whole nother story every country agency military society has been infiltrated to the core we have to be careful yet bold but most of all we must always remain righteous in the face of evil I have been shot blown up.posioned stabbed thru the skull left.blood trails accross large cities miles long where there like u should be dead you have very very little blood I have been thru so much physical and pyscological pain I have had so much tooken from me I keep on they can suck my dik

Good idea to delete the thread, but it shows also how ugly humans can be too
That scares me lol