Southern US Accents & Shakespeare's Accent

I was unaware that the Southern US (in particular in Virginia) accent is a similar dialect to the accent of Englishman, spoken in the time of Shakespeare:

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Old English sounds more natural to my ears than the modern variant, which has been bastardised over the centuries:

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Who knew Cleveland from Family Guy was such a Shakespeare fan. Lol. Seriously though, I was born and raised in South Eastern VA, but have traveled all over the country, and in my opinion his southern accent was more similar to Northern Alabama. Coastal northern north Carolina, all the way up to Baltimore (especially costal VA) is non-rhotic and sounds similar to Cajun. Like this

It’s not just old redneck “Guinea” people that sound like this. This is just the best example I could find. Guinea is in Gloucester County which is part of a metropolitan area called “Hampton Roads”, which also includes VA Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown and Poquoson.

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Oh Totally…

Pall Mall Cigs

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Always get a kick out of the dialect and accents in this:

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You will struggle to find that accent in London nowadays. Far more likely to find some third world dialect, juxtaposed to a third world smell.


I bet that hasn’t changed much from the original English settlers:

That is life.

It’s Dying Fast…

@Noentry ???

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No disrespect to noentry, but that made me laugh.

I have a feeling it may come back with a bang.

I Do Muh Part Reckon…

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Honestly I do not think so. We have a twang and a drawl in the south and the further south you go the more it twangs. People in southern Virginia in areas like Danville actually have a yankee accent. The sound like Boston. A car to them is pronounced KAAHHRR. and the word about is pronounced A BOOT. They actually have a little town on the NC/Virginia line that is so prounced Yankee dialect it is named South Boston.

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True Guinea is part french, part english and part african. Guineas from the U.S, not Italy slang are from the islands off the coast of Charleston SC. They are those who managed to escape and went to the islands. Sometimes slaves actually did over power the slave captains and get away. Sometimes people against slavery, yes its true not every southern person owned or agreed with slavery. Some were purchased and simply set free there because it would be pointless to buy their freedom and then they just get taken back captive again.
It amazing to hear them talk. In modern times most speak good english but they can revert back to french/african when they are excited or angry. They are tough as nails and let me tell you by experience they can cook some of the best food you have ever eaten. I cannot remember the name but they have something like a flour cake that is cooked on hot rocks…that and a cold glass of milk is unreal…but I digress