SpaceX Starlink UFOs

SpaceX and Starlink launches by now, should be pretty mainstream common knowledge, however there are still some folks out there who have never heard of Elon Musk, SpaceX and Starlink. I know this because I talk about this kind of stuff with people on a regular basis.

SpaceX had a few launch failures this week, or at least some of the headlines I skimmed mentioned such, however there was a new video posted just this morning on the SpaceX Youtube page, so I did some frame by frame review of both the left and right frames.

The first object is pretty weird, in that it’s more then likely space debris, however, it does appear to get batted out from entering the atmosphere any further.

The second clip appears to be a craft exiting Earths atmosphere, and the third clip is rather strange, as I noticed some more debris, floating off towards Earth. It was darkened in color and appears to have two balls at either end of it and a tether holding them together. After blowing it up and reviewing the clip a few more times, I noticed something travelling over the Earth just off to the right of the falling debris.

I’m pretty certain the staffers controlling the video feeds have noticed us noticing them and their space captures, so they have been flipping between different cameras much more then they have in the past.

Here’s the video clips.

Here’s the unedited SpaceX video

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