Sperm, seeds proposed to be send to Noah’s Ark-style complex on the moon


The ark would be an underground facility staffed by robots, powered by the sun and stocked with loads of sperm, eggs, spores, and seeds from 6.7 million species on Earth — just in case we totally kill ourselves and everything around us.

Lead engineer Jekan Thanga presented the “Moon Ark” idea to a gathering of experts, including NASA, at the IEEE Aerospace Conference earlier this month, where he described it in a 20-minute presentation.

The researchers acknowledge that they still need to investigate the idea a lot more before a full plan can be assembled.

However, one question remains open:

Who will revive humanity when we are no more?


An ark you say? :thinking:

Deadman’s switch?
They already trialled babies grown outside womb.

Imagine, an ideallistic civilization fostered by AI. What could go wrong?


How do we know there isn’t one being hidden there already and we’re batch #6299?

Batch #6300 is in it’s incubation period as we speak if you know what I mean.


Anyone ever watch “Raised by Wolves”? Same idea but on another planet.

Well… I suppose if they MAKE me donate a few shots I have to right? Lol


“And Mrnice is NOT the father”

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Gidday Don warm welcome to dtv.
Never watched that but will put it on my radar now thanks!
@Fourth_D you cracked me up hahahaha.


Hey humor is a heck of a drug
Life is crazy enough


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I think it will be robots and fake wombs then robot nurses, a auto process that might have to be put off 10k years so earth can heal after we kill it or E.L.E. asteroids get us … I dont want to say every detail…

Who is to say the moon will be any safer anyways?

great just what we needed, another nasa jizz fest on the moon

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When can I donate my sperm ?

Perhaps it will be like the little robots tending the gardens in the movie “Silent Running”.

Thank you for sharing that bit of news. It simply does not make sense to consider colonizing a lifeless planet while we continue to destroy the one we’ve been given. We’ve been given a wonderful gift. Let’s not give up on it!

Is it just me? or does this seem like a really really good place to set up a cloning facillity?. I mean lets be honest here, who’s jurisdiction is the moon?

That is one messed up idea. I believe in Chao’s theory. If we wipe ourselves out let it be,so something better may take it’s place.

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