Staged "Insurrection"

Tell me what you think? Frauds, I tell you!


cheers for this post, share it and download it people. <3

Watch this video!

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is anyone actually convinced by this off duty minecraft fail reaction video soundin ass kid? nothing about this little theory makes any sense, he doesn’t even attempt to compare the footage to other emergency response drills to draw parallels

nah this is the next level of cowardice, right above saying they were all antifa dressed up as trump supporters. I’m glad he found so many ways to laugh at a video of someone dying, definitely the mark of a keen eyed reporter and not a desensitized youth that experiences the world only through screens :roll_eyes:

More context: The Q Lie: The Power-Grab After January 6th Was the Real Insurrection.

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FAKE FAKE AND FAKE, you nailed it.


If this were a real insurrection there would be no doubt about it.


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