Stonehenge Was Mostly ReBuilt

What We See Today

Is Mostly ReBuilt

In The Last Fifty Years



I think it’s been rebuilt a couple of times…


Yeppers…It Has

Just like the Sphinx…they’ve redone parts now for years…still doesn’t explain how originally done…they should’ve moved some of them over for summer winter solstice…scare the crap outta people :coffee::wave:

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I heard about this years ago and thought: That kinda takes the mystery out of it. It’s like if they rebuilt the pyramids, it just isn’t the same…


@Star_Man and I were just discussing this exact topic three days ago.
There were a lot of mega construction projects in the 1800’s that seem to exhibit more than what meets the eye.
Which also leads to the highly contaversial subject of the Mud flood of the 1800’s.
Most of the info covering said topic is now censored and gone.
Interesting topic and conversation piece.


I Know Right …

Every Thing is Connected

This is Also

Same Time

That Occultism Became Trendy

One of the mysteries is where are the missing stones.

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I Know Right


Ahh yes, that’s weird.
Yeah, 1st drawing was from 1584copy of de heere stonehenge dont know why, I’ve seen older illustrations of ancient Henge showing people digging up bodies from around the Henge circle. Anyway, next best record of Stone Henge was from 1800

and theres a big difference
Between the two. GettyImages-527129588-3071bcf Then sometime in the 20th century, work was carried out on the place.
Below: Sarsen mauls and flint hammerstones excavated during the restorations.

Restorations at Stonehenge
I recon that if it was assembled back together properly, it will it will signal life again. Wgat happened to it all those years ago? Mud flood maybe? Theres evidence of this across the land, not just recent centuries but ancient as well.

Figure 36

.—Kit’s Coty House near Aylesford, Kent

Figure 37

.—Kit’s Coty House.

Figure 38

.—King’s Coty House

Figure 39

Oh and wtf was this…

Looks like it was carved to be that shape.


Neva Seen That Last Before…

Yeppers, and we can’t go given those pesky ancients credit now can we?..

Maybe the flintstones creators knew something we don’g :rofl: those dolmens look like the…town of bedrock…yaba dabba dooooooooo :rofl: :beers:

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One of My Fave Cartoons

Cheers Skips

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Back when cartoons WERE cartoons…not this non speaking jibberish dumb shittery we’ve got today :beers:

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Henges were originally made from wood and rebuilt regularly.
English Heritage carry out restoration of historic sites of this nature all over the country from Henges to burial mounds and castles. Cadw are the body that cover the same remit for Wales (Cadw means keep which is a nice touch for a body responsible for restoration of castles )
They use original techniques and materials wherever possible. With Stonehenge, they still can’t work out how it was originally constructed so they called in the heavy equipment to rebuild the site as a national monument, ensuring its preservation.
We have similar sites in Pembrokeshire, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, Powys and plenty more up north like Beddgelert etc.
We still erect rings of standing stones to commemorate the sites of National Eisteddfod.

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Much Obligied

Thank You

Castles Have Always Fascinated Me

And I Love The Welsh Language

Google must be keeping a watchful eye on me again. This just shown up on my Google news feed…