Strange Craft Captures of the Week

In the above video you can see a capture that took place in New Mexico. There are quite a lot of lens flares happening in the video, however there are also some crafts visible. Are these government crafts? Quite a few people seem to think so based on the fact that they were flying near a military AFB.

In the video above, we have an object flying over the ocean. It appears to be a ball type object, however quite a few people have commented stating that this could very well be a drone.

In the video above, the object does appear to be some kind of craft. The illuminated areas could be a reflection of the sun hitting the object, or they could be thrusters of some sort. It certainly doesn’t resemble any vehicle I can recognize.

In the above case, you can clearly see two objects. A second video gives you another object floating around. In this video I give you the object from the second video in the alternative frame added over top of the first clip. It’s quite an interesting capture indeed. A lot of people have stated that this object is actually a drone or fire lantern of some sort, however when you look at this and watch the entire video, you can clearly see one object remaining stationary while the other object in question disappears. Not to mention that this person had a bunch of witnesses there and states that in this area, there has been quite a bunch of sightings since September of this year.

This person described an incident of being compelled to go and look out the window before capturing this object. They state they observed the object for up to a minute. I’ve personally had experiences where I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night and felt compelled to go outside, only to catch witness of an object travelling over the sky.

Are those drones in the video above or something else? Very strange capture indeed.

This last video I’m going to show is quite interesting as well, as I’ve personally been to the city this was filmed in, and have spent about 20 years of my life going up that way every weekend to go camping at a park my dad had a trailer on. I’ve witnessed countless strange occurrences at night up there. I can even remember a time in the 80’s when one cottager experienced a very low flying craft flying down the river. The river was quite long, connected by lift locks on both ends to get you further beyond, however the cottager had multiple witnesses from other cottages down the river as well which caused quite a stir in the local township where they were all located. I remember hearing my dads buddy who owned the trailer park and ran a gas / bait and marina talking about it, and mentioning about all the people who had seen this that night, and had mentioned it to him while stopping in to get some gas for their boats.

Same ole same ole. The first video is a stealth bomber(s)

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