Strange CREATURE CAUGHT! Strange fish from 3000ft deep Sign of a Great Great Catastrophe Coming?

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-Video Here

A message from the deep ocean washed ashore in California, what could it be?!

Found in the shore, the deep ocean brought us another mystery and unspoken truths engraved in the death of a 3000 feet deep-dwelling sea creature.

What could be the reason for this?
What happened to this creature?
What happened to the deep ocean seafloor?

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It’s aliens without a doubt

Thats an Anglerfish, Interesting fact, the female Anglerfish can grow up to 24 Inches long, yet the male only grows to about 2 inches, he bites on to the female and stays there becoming merged with the female, so that all that Is left are he’s testes. that fertilise the females eggs.


had enough of man made pollution in deep sea !!

100% correct, it is an anglerfish and here’s a link if anyone wants to read about them…

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They’re frightful looking things I’ll give them that, In another World they would be classed as Allenesque In appearance. The deep sea has some really weird creatures down In It’s depths that look truly Alien.

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