Study: 42,000 years ago a magnetic pole reversal led to an environmental crisis

A new study published in the journal Science led by researchers at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, and the South Australian Museum, suggests that a flip of the Earth’s magnetic poles and the alteration of solar winds may have contributed to both environmental crisis and possible mass extinctions over 42,000 years ago.

Preceding the flip was a weakening of the magnetic fields, causing electrical storms, crimson skies, widespread auroras and lethal cosmic radiation that frazzled our early ancestors and the Earth’s wildlife.

With the Earth’s magnetic field having weakened by around nine per cent in the past 170 years, researchers warn that the next apocalyptic polar flip ‘may be just around the corner’.

This study is extremely exciting for researchers and scientists in many different fields of study. But perhaps the most concerning question that they are asking is, when magnetic poles inevitably flip again in the future, will humans be part of a future extinction event?


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