Study: AOC is one of the least effective members of US Congress

Well there’s a shocker!

Is she all that ineffective ? She certainly gets more face time than any other Congress person. Methinks her and her team may be quite effective. Could be a future POTUS.

Haha nearly spat my coffee.

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Thats “dog faced pony soldier” but yep your correct…RRR

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Ha this thread is a barrel of laughs…RRR

thats before she went heavy on the makeup

She’s the most ineffective but also the most dangerous. She’s ineffective because her bat shit crazy ideas are understood by most to be, …well, bat shit crazy. This keeps most of her stupidity away from a legitimate floor vote. The problem is she also has no shame and is too stupid to understand how outlandish her ideas are. This allows her to spew completely impractical nonsense that other mentally challenged politicians start to warm up to (green new deal). It also molds impressionable young minds to an ideology that AOC’s horse faced unicorns might actually be real.

It only takes a couple generations of youth buying into complete nonsense to legitimately change the world we live in. We are experiencing much of that now. Couple pie in the sky mouthpiece politicians with the indoctrination of our kids via the education system and the landscape begins to change very rapidly.


There’s an idiot born every minute. That’s 1440 idiots a day that could fall for her stupid ideas.

It takes common sense to be in the position AOC is in.

This female (to be in the polite side) has no common sense whatsoever!

She demonstrates everything a true Democrat is starting from being “a Liar” and a prima donna acting site like she cares when she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but herself!

What makes it a shame is that she’s proud of the little roll she’s playing… when she doesn’t have the slightest idea what the Hell she’s doing!

well shes already achieved POS status so maybe POTUS isnt far off

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