Study Finds Connection Between Believing Russia Rigged 2016 Election And Believing 2020 Election Was Foolproof

U.S.—A study has found a strong connection between believing Russia rigged the 2016 election and now suddenly believing elections are entirely foolproof, trustworthy, and unhackable.

“It seems that people who screamed about Russia for 4 years now have a 100% chance of encouraging everyone to accept the 2020 election results without question,” said study head Dr. Rupert Manning. “It’s basically all the way across the board: if you believed that Vladimir Putin somehow hacked voting machines, purchased a bunch of memes, and raised an army of millions of Russian bots to disrupt the election and get Donald Trump elected, you certainly now believe that our elections are completely safe and secure.”

The study also found that people who believed the 2016 election was trustworthy and legitimate now believe the 2020 election was completely fixed.

This is the truth of the matter and is so crazy that sheepole can see that.


You could also do a study and find a connection with severe bias against Republicans and religion or moral code of any kind and Liberal perspectives and people that support and vote democrat. (not being sarcastic)

Its the same line of “thinking” to argue that when you did not “win” the world is wrong and unfair and then when you do “win” to refuse to accept anyone saying somthing could possibly have been done wrong.

Just like 99% of the people that viciously fight for belief in the THEORY of Evolution and or against Christianity or religions that promote a “moral code” are people that want to “justify” doing anything they want (or something in particular as the case may be) without caring about other people or potential “consequences” after they die.


well done

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