Successful test of cancer-killing drug

Researchers have successfully tested a “Trojan Horse” drug that can kill cancer and bacterial cells without damaging nearby healthy tissue.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh combined the tiny cancer-killing molecule SeNBD with a chemical food compound to trick malignant cells into ingesting it.

The peer-reviewed experimental study was carried out on zebrafish and human cells, but researchers say more studies are needed to confirm if it is a safe and swift method of treating early stage cancer and drug-resistant bacteria.

Cancerous cells are “greedy” and need to consume high amounts of food for energy and they typically ingest more than healthy cells, said the University of Edinburgh.

By coupling SeNBD with a chemical food compound it becomes the “ideal prey for harmful cells” which ingest it “without being alerted to its toxic nature”.

The drug was invented by University of Edinburgh researchers who compared it to a Trojan Horse, and its effects to a “metabolic warhead”.

The findings are published in the journal Nature Communications.

Lead researcher Professor Marc Vendrell, chair of translational chemistry and Biomedical Imaging at the University of Edinburgh, said:

“This research represents an important advance in the design of new therapies that can be simply activated by light irradiation, which is generally very safe.”

He continued: “SeNBD is one of the smallest photosensitisers ever made and its use as a ‘Trojan horse’ opens many new opportunities in interventional medicine for killing harmful cells without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.”

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That be some bs if cancer is cured now when my daddy just died


I wouldnt hold my breath…the cancer industry is a massive money making machine. They wont allow that to be stomped out any time soon especially with all the carcinogens in just about everything now that industry is about to go into overdrive.


Actually health insurance companies would be behind a cure for cancer 100% that costs them a fortune. They are about the only corporate heavy hitters i can think of that would be allies to this cause


If they can bring out the experimental covid vax so fast why cant they do the same with this? Cancer is far more deadly that CV


So … more studies are required on this when signs are positive??

Wheres the fast-tracking here???

Not convinced its 100% safe?? … ummm … who cares… its cancer we’re talking about! … not like waiting is a better option :eyes:

I’ve a family friend dieing atm as chemo ain’t doing shit …fekkin go for it!

Honestly … the hypocrisy of this compared to Untested Vax For All is a disgrace.

This is Edinburgh too – we’re 40 min down the road ffs! … in about it!


Sorry to hear of your lose. My sister has just started chemotherapy for cancer. One thing that always comes to mind is what happens to the trillions spent on cancer cures? When they can miraculously make a Vaccine for covid in less then a year? We are all been taken for fools and lied to. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Sorry for your loss, I lost my dad to Cancer too… a while ago now… but this should hopefully mean that very soon, no one else should lose a loved one to it.


My thoughts and prayers are for all of you in these times :hugs::heart::hugs::heart::hugs::heart:


That’s a very good point.

Cancer definitely kills more than Convid.


thats sad dude :frowning: , i have a tipp for next time
it gives fenbendazole it kills cancer in end stadium for all people there family had cancer
google it and buy it
i know someone that had lung cancer in end stadium he fine now
the hospital had say he had only 3 weeks more
and now hes cancer free and it cames never back
greetz and share it


Do you mean Panacur? For Pets? :flushed::wink:

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Sorry about ur sister…as a nurse in the medical field…very rare I seen anybody cured from chemo…I will never do it.


yes right i mean fenbendazol aka panacur for pets

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They are already curing cancer, along with Alzheimer’s, dementia, herpes, etc. Look up Dr. Steve Hines in Dallas TX. Or Dr. Dickens (I forget his first name) in Scottsdale AZ. I know MANY ppl that they have both cured. Yes, CURED. They both have clinics but I don’t remember the names of them. You can find it on the internet.

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I"ve been taking a single pill called gleevec. once a day for cmml. It was the first targeted cancer . It’s been 16 yrs and counting. And it works about the same as this drug.

Thanks for that dude …I’ll deffo be looking into this.

Has anyone tried IVERMECTIN? Just a thought. What IS cancer? A parasite? If so, then ivermectin should be tried.