Sudden crypto bubble - a trojan horse for the new regulated reserve crypto?

I can’t help but see crypto as something temporary. I have been following crypto since it’s mysterious inception. The idea behind it is compelling and promising. After all, anything that that offers an alternative to the Rothschild fiat garbage currently in circulation has my vote. However, knowing that the “powers that be” have every Earthly resource available to them to obstruct and interfere with ANYTHING that stands in their way or poses a threat to their agenda, it seems unlikely they’re turning a blind eye to a disruption in their money supply. So, let’s think critically:

If crypto were truly something benevolent that the global money suppliers did not want as a competitive force within this tightly controlled, monitored, and regulated jungle of finance, why would it be allowed to blossom into such a bevy of free-market alt-currency options available to every man, woman, and child?

Also, if the current power structure plans to eventually have their own world reserve crypto, why allow so much competition?

Here’s where my mind keeps going with this:

Over the last 12 years since 2009, Bitcoin has paved the way for other crypto derivatives to vie for their own slice of the crypto pie. At a completely unregulated pace, by 2021, there are now nearly 5,000 cryptos to pick from. The crypto market now operates as if it is Wall Street, introducing new IPOs for people to invest in. Lately, the difference between whether a crypto sinks or swims is whether or not it’s being pumped and promoted by a celebrity or internet crypto guru/influencer. The perception of value is based on speculation and popularity. But, unlike an IPO for a revenue-building company, cryptos don’t have ability to gain asset value like a company might, in fact the majority of these cryptos cannot be spent at a retail level, only traded. This being said, their importance and influence is clearly nothing to ignore. They have become a dumping ground for BILLIONS of dollars from many different fiat currencies around the world. But, where does it end? Something must give. It’s time for a good conspiracy theory…

What if the crypto boom was meant to happen? For 2 reasons, one to condition the public to the idea of a digital currency that can seemingly pop up out of nowhere and gain value, and two to allow immense amounts of wealth to funnel into unregulated, unsecured, and untraceable platforms.

Why would “they” want this?

-The conditioning portion is obvious if they plan to roll out a world reserve digital currency.

-The funneling is more complex and murky. If you allow billions and billions of dollars to funnel into unregulated currencies, you can achieve many different objectives. Possibilities listed below:

1: Allow the crypto bubble to grow to behemoth immensity, then through acts of cyber terrorism and government regulation, make this currency platform illegal globally…seizing assets and IPs of known server farms around the world with no legal or financial recourse.
- This could be achieved by a false flag attack that was “funded by crypto” or deemed a threat to national security to protect the integrity of the nation’s fiat currency.

2: Use crypto as the scapegoat for the fall of the USD or other currencies, afterwards offer up a much more “secure and insured” digital currency backed by your trustworthy government. Problem-Reaction-Solution.
- This could be achieved by citing the lack of taxable gains achieved within trading platforms, or after a massive sell-off due to a coordinated and unexplained drop in the crypto market the financial marketplace is flooded with converted back fiat monies aiding inflation to continue at an accelerated pace.

  • Lastly, and most realistically, the currency collapse is immanent, global debt is spiraling out of control with no intent to recover, soon a global debt relief plan is rolled out to the public at the beginning of the currency change-over. Those who refuse will eventually be left standing once the music stops holding on to worthless devalued currency. Unregulated cryptos will likely be made illegal at that point.

All together, this could all be speculative BS, but I keep trying to visualize how crypto will look once the dollar finally goes bust. If the elites are truly planning a global digital currency, how will non-sanctioned cryptos fit into the mix? Or, will they be eliminated prior to the roll-out?


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Personally I believe there will be a stock market crash|Collapse (May 21?) very soon. What will be the solution? XRP/Ripple LLC Markets Wyoming becomes the next crypto bank ? ETHEREUM is too expensive. Bitcoin is too slow. XRP will be the Phoenix that rises from the ashes.XRP will be a neutral asset bridge. Let’s not forget Feb 2021 when the Federal system that allows banks to send money went DOWN. The US Central bank has now explains preconditions for digital dollars.
I note the Ripple colour in marketing is green. Green colour is regeneration or green revolution. Block Chain uses less energy! Bill Gates is on record as saying that Bitcoin is using energy = bad.
Paper, plastic, crypto. J P Morgan is testing satellites in readiness for the XRP solution. Incidentally the XRP logo is the number 666.

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