Suez Canal, one of the largest shipping lanes on the planet, blocked by container ship

Open those containers!!! Let’s see what’s really going on :popcorn:


Mmh, I know what is in some containers there… parts that we need in our production. A huge part distributor wrote us a mail today with that picture and told us our parts are on that ship that is commanded by a idiot…

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The ship is still blocking the canal BTW.


All we see on those ships are shipping containers nothing more and only a hand full of people will actually know what is really in those containers and even less will know why the canal was blocked but I think whomever decided to have the canal blocked knows of the contents and exactly who they’re pissing off in the process.

If what has been said is true.

Then there are humans being trafficked via that company.

If they can make containers like this.

How long can you live when you supplies run out ?

This Just In !

Imagine my surprise finding out about this, considering shortly before reading this on the news I was watching the exploration of the abandoned Evergreen glass mansion…

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How many bedrooms are there ?


What was this used for and any idea who owns this property ?

Bedrooms? Way too many, it’s so 90s chic it’s a little nauseating. It’s basically an office building a temple to corporate American sterile glory. With that said an interesting space. To each his own.

The owner was Robert Plaster - an interesting gentleman. His company logo - Evergreen is all over the property.

I have this weird fascination with abandoned mansions where entire families got up and left one fine day, leaving everything behind, like they ascended to a different plane of existence. With no sign or trace of where they could have disappeared off to. What could possibly explain such behavior? Off world colonies? Rapture? Ascension? Chupacabras? Roaming hordes Sasquatchises (Sasquatchi)? Another disappearing act courtesy of “theAliens”?

Is there life outside the firmament? Something so nice as to leave behind a life of privilege without so much as a second thought? Did they finally find Vakanda?

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Thank you for sharing that… I am not a big fan of Evergreen… I think it is a very evil corporation… Seems to have some connections with flights that spray our skies with Chemtrail concoctions… I just recently learned of their ties with International Shipping… I used to drive a big rig and hauled many of those container trailers from the shipping ports… That Mansion was very interesting and very beautiful in my opinion… Shame it was operated by Demons…


This house is in SW Missouri not far from Branson.


I didn’t know whether to post here or in @nwomaster s thread where the ship flipped a giant bird.

Anyway, went looking for myself, check the news:
Over 20 Livestock ships waiting
Coffee and other goods prices to hike
Oil prices to rise

Was also looking at and the thing just vanished along with all the tugs around.

US Navy offered to send a team of specialists, something tells me they are not engineers.
Edit: Refreshed the news link after sending this post and this came up :joy:

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I reckon there’s something more sinister at play here. I think there’s a private war going on. And I would be very interested to see the contents of that container ship made public…that might tell some of the story

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I think they are different Evergreens, Plasters company was gas related. This Evergreen is Chinese owned I think I read somewhere. I could be wrong though.

Then we of course will never forget the opening salvo to the lefts embrace of racist mass hysteria and mass psychosis with Evergreen college. What a nugget of joy that was eh?


You believe that you’ll believe anything

Apart from Asian auto parts Jack Ma has up to 50 containers there but that ship can carry up to 20000 containers.

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Its funny or just odd timing, but a large semi trailer has blocked a major transport rd, its parked at a 45 degree angle blocking the rd, just like how the ship in the canal is parked.
But the kicker is that it is also an Evergreen vehicle.
Sorry but i forgot where this is taking place.

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Is this it?

It just so happens they sensitized the color green for me a few weeks prior now I understand why.


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