Super Soldiers with Channeling Super Powers

Conspiracy Snack. The idea that we got remote viewing, super telepathic channeling super soldiers keeping humanity safe from invisible monsters, is some what intriguing. I definitely wanna know more. Anyone have anything else to contribute?

I am a former Airborne Ranger. I will kill some aliens and fly around in their spaceship and smoke blunts.:alien:


Im with it bro

Would love to see someone tame this beast

Epinoza and james also channeled michael jackson . They think he was a et contactee. really crackme up :joy:

but shitty youtube search engine is now unusable and cant find it anymore . I swear its on the channel somewhere

I have to use effing duckduckgo to find stuff on youtube. Disgrace

dont know if its the only vid they had about jako

Is that image in the photo the mysterious object thats in low earth orbit i think know has the bkack night or something?
If it is i can not understand has to how or why it has been left unharmed. Surely if no one knows whos it is where it came from. It should be considered a clear and present danger, and be shot down.

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