Supreme Court refuses Pennsylvania election cases, rules that prosecutors can get Trump tax records

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I appreciate this updated News Report being offered… I do not agree or like the bad News itself… It means, the will of 75 Million people are cheated of our selected representation and this decision will stand… As the Supreme Court will not even look at the evidence to make a fair ruling… They stalled a long time to even consider reviewing the case… This was very important for the future of the USA and the rest of the world that will follow suit… Now, they claim it is too late for a remedy to be considered because Biden has already been sworn in… No election process, big or small can ever be trusted again… This is a worldwide problem for Globalists controls so it will not matter where you are located… There is no more need to bother going to the polls… They will just continue to install the leadership all the rest of us are to submit to…


“Moot after”

Cabal talk for its already been stolen. Imagine the police refusing to investigate because the crime has already been committed.

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If tax records of former presidents can now be made public…is this the declass we’re waiting for, but against Obama and Clinton? Will it show ties to Dominion? Will it also show that the Supreme Court has been compromised and allow for Marital Law? Did you know civilians/politicians can be tried by UCMJ if civilian courts are non functional?

Don’t forget, we can now impeach former presidents, too! They’re literally coming up with ways to trap themselves, in my opinion.

I’m just trying to guess my way through what’s going on. Maybe nothing happens and life keeps going in the same direction. I feel like as much as I dislike Trump as a person (thanks, media), he collided with the globalists’ plans hard enough to tilt the direction ever so slightly. It’s a little change now, but over time it is a huge movement.

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Most of the justices should be afraid , very afraid.

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I could be wrong but NY state law dictates that grand jury materials must be kept secret

SCOTUS got some explainen to do, they owe America as to why they’re not accepting election fraud hearings. Chief J. Roberts is blackmailed by o? who cares ? we want justice good or bad, not no action, by them we pay them to decide national outcomes. A no action, is not an outcome worthy of position, they should all be fired leaving Thomas, Amy, and Kavanaugh present, Roberts must go, he’s an Anti Trump hater biased in/over his position.

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