Talkative Shulamit Aloni on "Anti-Semitism!"

F Israel
Kills palstinians ( many christians )

How is Israel different from Nazis?


Be sure to let us know when ze Jews start beheading Palestinian children Oth…

Palestinian child

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I hope everyone knows.that those terrorists are proxies funded by the Zios.

they don’t need to behead people, they have every weapon usa has.
they usually just shoot them.
tank 2

btw: the kid in the photo took a bullet to the neck and is no longer with us.
i’m willing to wager that there have been more palestinian children killed by israel than visa versa.

What surprises me is that more of the various areas conquered by Arab invaders and Islam haven’t been re-taken, or had uprisings to drive out the descendants of the conquerors. And your propaganda pictures is an injustice to the depth of such a long and complex dispute.

Is this where I post all of the Israelis and their children killed by Palestinians? Are you so fervent as to forget there are atrocities on both sides?

You’re daft old man.

why do you have a horse in this race?
are you jewish or you just hate muslims?
i have noticed you do like to jump in for israel on these topics.
im not trying to pick a fight here man.
dont hate me, i like you.

but it also a reality, lets not dwell in the past or we can talk about many atrocities committed by any country.
what is happening now is uncool.

I just find it sort of prophetic how the whole world obsesses over Israel considering the historical and contemporary atrocities which continue to take place across the world. It’s either a spiritual malady in my eyes, or people truly just hate Jews. And no, I’m not ignorant of the many mythologies and polemics and political and financial realities.

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“just hate muslims”

That’s a Muppet comment too…,

personally i don’t hate anyone because of their race/ethnicity/beliefs.
but there is a faction that hides behind judaism which i despise.
i believe these entities are responsible for most of the bad stuff that happens globally.
they may have even produced the quran, just to create a nice deep divide.
the reason i don’t agree with israel is from their behaviour as a state.
this state was formed by these entities i am referring to.

that was a genuine question, not a comment. just trying to figure out where you stand.
you didn’t really answer the question, which is ok because no one can force you.
muppet you say, i can take that. (you’re kinda nasty sometimes)
i will be gonzo the great.

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Before the zionist arrived from Nazis Germany with 300 million from hitler and the Catholic church.

Real Jews and palstinians lived in peace, it is time for God to address the zionist synagogue of satan. If satan’s children die I have zero sympathy they have none for mine

I saw a vid on bitchute. It was a recording of an Omegle chat. The guy was apparently lucky enough to get a jewish lady, and guess what the guy was lol but you know what she didnt deny the conspiracy and even said they are conspiring. Im still wondering why the world is getting into American affairs so much. Heres the vid but the thumbnail might cause a rucus. So in place of dot add(.)

https://www.bitchute dot com/video/2YHPyIJmM690/

I loved the half Russian Jewish gal

The nazi was a bit of a dic

Not wrong but a douchebag just like the douchbags he points out

Neither do I. Believing me to hate Muslims because Islam is the most criticizable religion on the planet, with a 1400 year history of rape and murder, is like you being called anti-semitic for criticizing the State of Israel. Like I said, this ancient conflict is far too complex to be broken down into such useless tropes. I guess my main point is that Westerners should mind their own business, as the way I see it, most people’s “concerns” seem to be borne out of their own prejudices–as you thought of my stance.

Yes, I’m sure everyone living under the Ottomans had a grand ol time Oth. I know the Greeks just loved it…

Well Greeks were expelled hebrews so…
They were allready at odds with them when they were slaves.

No they weren’t. Man you believe a lot of nonsense Oth. And don’t even try to She-Elf me with one letter from one king to another, that in no way would stand up to historical, linguistic, nor the genetic histories of the two peoples. Even the Table of Nations debunks this idea. You know who was from Greece or the Aegean islands, the Philistines. And, even if your theory was correct, all that would mean was that the Ottomans and other Islamic conquerors were oppressing Jews in Greece and in Palestine. Yeah, so again, save me the tears for the current situation.

Now, ancient DNA suggests that living Greeks are indeed the descendants of Mycenaeans, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece. And the Mycenaeans themselves were closely related to the earlier Minoans, the study reveals, another great civilization that flourished on the island of Crete from 2600 B.C.E. to 1400 B.C.E. (named for the mythical King Minos).