Tarot... Representations of the human psycho-emotional experience, a method of comprehension? What's your take on this?

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Nonsense to fleece the gullable, desperate and broken hearted of their cash.


:heart: your response…
Although when investigated as personality aspects as a tool to assist self awareness through meme association, being able to identify does help occasionally.
The same could be said for all visual presentations, how one would sell, or convince others, of an idea.

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The fool and his seed
The flowers between his legs

The horns of the king of satans world with the horn of light that lucifer’s children lose thru magik.

He is a horned God among the innocent sheep bleating.

Is therefore a fool

The heavenly representation of mercabera the macroprosophus

On our left the peace of God on the right the grapes of wrath and below is the mingling with the children of men

On the micropeosophus
The feet that have a precarious perch on the pillars of heaven and earth jachin and boaz

Between his feet of this king of earth there is a cameleon. Saying that to keep the grip on heaven and earth he must be look like a human. Otherwise he will lose his hold, but this fool has forgotten.

Encircling his heart is his butterflys that give him power and his caduceus plan to mix his seed with the humans

The binding around him is the loves he has encircled around his heart.

The lion of babylon bitten is his desire to rise above the limitations of God . But he can never do that because he is a fool

In his hands is the jewl of the cup of sacrifice ( adenochrome ) and the fire it gives to his hand as the wærrior on the block.

But he is a fool to think there is no judgement to do so.

On his hips is the sash given by lucifer to his sons. He has a golden medallion meaning he is the bloodline ( Ratzinger )

But in the end he is the fool because that is the card he was given in life.
His only hope is to prevail against impossible odds

A fool and their money will soon…
Party! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We talk a lot about movies and tv shows that have predictive programming. I have seen first hand how tarot can do the same.
It’s like planting a seed because the recipients mind is typically fertile ground, desperate for something to cause change in their lives.

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just wondering why it has ‘trumps’ behind ‘the fool’.
is this how the card always appears?

The fool has no place by itself, hence the#0 , therefore it is/canbe’ one of the most powerful cards in the deck…
It usually represent a new beginning, &, w/consequence, putting a end to something in your old life.
The iconology, is dependant on the past, present, & future.

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Full satanic card game.
No offences but all this new age old age stuff is all cut from the same jib.
To each there own however.
This is merely my opinion thats all.


Nothing satanic about it
just pieces paper
with pictures on
never in the history of humans
has it ever been demonstrated
that pieces of paper
have any supernatural properties
utter garbage that entertains teenagers

Correct MC the cardboard paper is powerless its just papers.
The images are ancient archetypes what provokes certain mindsets and ideas inside peoples sub consciousness yep and thats how these cards works on the psychic subliminal symbolic levels yep.
Remember the saying “symbols rule the world not words”?
They provide a means to an end of the human will powers and are used to direct that will towards a certain directions of which is not natural nor Godly or goodly for humanities but is used to evoke and invoke certain archetypal demonic entities that have been around since the time of Adam and before
that now exist in spirit form and cannot enter heaven but roam earth hungry like lions for human blood one ways or anothers.
This is the issues i have personally with these supposed harmless cards yep.
I hope you comprehend what i have explained with respects.
Thanks brother.
Kind regards CX.

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