Tartaria - Civilization that was hidden from history books

Jon’s work to analyze and bring light to the forgotten legacy of the Tartarian civilization is worthy of discussion, wouldn’t you agree?


Nice video. There are some great video’s out there on the Tartaria mystery, it’s definitely one of the topics I am drawn too most. Just seems to be a finger nail out of touching distance, one generation away from 1st hand memory…just shows how effective the old MIB memory wiper works :tired_face:

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The neurolizer, yes! Vile instruments. I feel ya friend. I keep wondering if the space/time ribbons of energy can be back tracked to restore Tartaria, and one day humanity just wakes up back in it… like it never left.

This links you to a PDF Book about Tartaria written by James W. Lee.

Nice one, look forward to having a scroll through that. Cheers

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It probably was one of those global resets…like the one happening now…erase the past to control the future. :beers:

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well then we can expect the realm keepers to make a grand appearance, as they have during the last resets. Flashing Lights… :star2::fire::sparkles::gem: Lucy in the sky with diamonds… :notes: