Teleporter Monolith Found, Like Stargate!

Hey people , today many from us see the post above the Metall Monolith that are found
(What is this thing? Why is it being covered up?)

anyone that look on the device see that it maked by humans , and i recognize the similarity to the

Stargate teleporters

we all know that were already have teleporter devices in germany (aachen)

So look on it and build your opinion

think they observe us like here:

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I was there and I placed the monolith there to remember the spot I banged that chick.

If it was for teleporting, who the hell wants to teleport in or out of the Utah desert? And why would it just be out in the open? Not buying it. Just some manmade thing placed there to be found and argued over.

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I really don’t understand what all the buzz is about it’s a metal pillar all joking aside it really could be part of an old movie set or even used as a “satellite calibration tool”.

If they had seen UFO’s land nearby or weird unexplained weather or ANYTHING appearing near it you could connect it to something strange, but IT"S A PIECE OF METAL PEOPLE BIG WOOP!!!

I would test for EMF, radio-waves, radioactivity, and try to see how far it goes into the ground, after that I would write it off as a publicity stunt or part of something we don’t know about and the only way to tell that is to simply watch it.

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could be both , perhaps they think no one will see it in middle of the nowhere

now its dissappeard

you can see here the different of a human made monolith , and a unkown , at the unknown you see that there no Weld

so its little bit creepy that speaks for not man made

That material is stainless steel that has been burnished with a sander.

Come on guys, how many of you actually believe this is some Star Trek Teleporter??

In that last video it was welded. It was MIG spot welded. I could kick that thing a few times and it would fall apart. Look at the corners of it when the camera pans around and you will see the black spots with the silvery puddle in the middle of the black spots.

I do not mean to insult but this is what happens when people are not aware of a process and are just dying to see something that is fantasy on TV as being real life.

More than anything it convinces me of the ability to affect peoples reality with TV. We set here and talk all the time about what they are doing to us but fall for it hook line and sinker.

Star Trek is not real people…

in the near from me is a military base , that HAVE TELEPORTERS **
know many soldiers from there …

i say not that the monolith must be a teleporter , but I know 100% Safe that we already have that tech …

Why do you say they have teleporters? What evidence?

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Know it from 2 sources , first is my dad soldier and tell it me
he is stationated in aachen
2nd , it gaves some newspaper reports about it some time ago

I’m definitely talking about NO THESIS, I know that for sure!

my dad is not the only one … that has telled me that

No disrespect but that is not proof. Any pictures of it working? Can you post those newspaper reports?

I agree can anyone here say “publicity stunt”?

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