Texas Punches NWO in the Face

I wonder does Texas accepts NWO Covid refugees from the Netherlands, check this out, looks like a place to be… Texas forbids vaccination passports.


Texas and Florida are making names for themselves in their rejection of leftist and globalist policies. Every other red state ought do the same.


He may be trying to make up for for the electrical issue this past winter but, take that aside he’s been a good governor…


Texas needs succeed and be our own country. As a life long Texan, we kick ass and take names and f everyone else if you don’t like it.
PS Stop moving here, we don’t want or need you


How do you know it wasn’t the plumbing issues? :beers:

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Here in AZ Ducey sucks for the most part. Thinking of Texas or South Dakota for retirement.
I do support our open carry laws and exercise this creator givin right to self defense.

Figured I’d add that my son is traveling on his Harley to South Dakota. He reports out that there is no medical tyranny going on there. Kristy Nome got it right.


Texas is one of the head way states. It will be the first city of light.


Good job, ive heard a million times growing up you dont fuck with Texas.


I really hope people see that this is populist nonsense. Intended to give the impression that they are making independent decisions. Many countries do this, but will still issue vaccination passports, ostensibly because otherwise their nationals cannot travel to other countries.
What really counts is the fact that they make passports and keep records of their subjects. Don’t be fooled by this kind of theater.

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Looks like I’ll be off to Texas for the holidays


Any Governor that inacts a lockdown of any sort should be eliminated


China in Texas https://yournews.com/2020/12/14/1963208/communist-china-bought-130000-acre-wind-farm-in-texas-right-next/


A new C.F.I.U.S. committee on Foreign Investment in the United States of America review must be done now.

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Man Abott looks like he has “Bush” genes…very similar face, jaw line, eyes, and mouth…

But seriously…good for Texas!

The minute we start requiring “vaccination passports” to do thing then we all have lost 100% control… the issue with biological warfare is that it can backfire…at least in todays day and age we don’t “really” know enough about “gene modification” therapies…humankind only just mapped the entire human genome in 2003…so that isn’t even two decades of “having the roadmap” to the human genome…which you could say that we are just beginning to understand “what parts of the map” contribute to specific genetic based diseases and the like.

For anyone to claim they know “for sure” that a man-made virus wouldn’t mutate and end up “coming back to the source” is either lying to themselves or to everyone else.

So…yeah… you infect a set of countries…you run the risk of infecting your own country.

Besides… the whole thing was planned… so the number one rule under this scenario is “don’t submit”.

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The only 2 things Texas does well is brisket and taxes. Other than that, it’s a hot, brown, desolate state. With that said, I do spend 6 months and a day between there and FL, for tax purposes.

Bravo Texas, Taking any vaccine should be a voluntary act, the moment we open the door to compulsory vaccines, it can never be shut.