The 13 Illuminati Families Who Secretly Rule The World

Information has begun circulating on the internet which may cast some light on the internal structure of the highly sinister and deeply mysterious secret society known as the Illuminati.

Many people believe they are working on a “New World Order” that will result in their complete domination of the planet.

New information reveals who leads the Illuminati

Thirteen Families Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

New information suggests that there is a centralized command center at the top of the elitist organization known as the ‘Council.’

The membership of this Council is determined by bloodlines, and only thirteen families on the planet are considered eligible for membership.

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It is believed that there are millions of members of the Illuminati operating all over the world, many of whom are in positions of incredible power and influence. Various politicians, CEOs, bankers and even Hollywood celebrities have been suspected of membership of the organization over the years. These people essentially comprise what it is referred to as the top 1% of the population.

Illuminati Bloodlines Of The

They are groomed and rewarded handsomely by the Council for their efforts in securing the goals of the secret society. However, the inner workings of the Illuminati are almost as inscrutable to the common membership as it is to the outside world. They are not privy to the so-called ‘master plan’ that their leaders hope will eventually lead to world domination and they do not even know who sits on the Council.

However, it has been claimed that researchers have discovered who the Council is comprised of. Membership of the top level of control in the secret organization is restricted to the thirteen most powerful and influential families in the world.
It is believed that these families think that they entitled to rule the entire world as they are the direct descendants of ancient gods. The families in question have been identified as the Rothschild family, the Bruce family, the Kennedys, the Medici family, the House of Hanover, the House of Hapsburg, the Krupp family, the House of Plantagenet, the Rockefeller family, the House of Romanov, the Sinclair family, the Warburg family and the House of Windsor.

Within this highly selected and elite group, there is apparently another hierarchy. The most powerful and influential grouping within the Council is the Rothschild members. They are considered to be the most important members because of their extraordinary wealth and because of their tremendous influence over the world banking sector which exerts a powerful influence over national institutions such as the US Federal Reserve.

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apparently, one can only imagine tho, a lot of undisclosed ‘adoption’ occurs with such types, shifting bloodlines of the nephilim around like hotcakes so this type of list is going to be innaccurate. i personally doubt the rothschilds are close to the top,or many who are considered to be by observers. Also possesion by corrupt ‘angels’ would be influencial in these circles and a ‘priviledge’.
basically until they come out as the worlds saviours(from problems mostly of their orchestration, we won’t be sure.

also the relatively well known tools of control such as rothschilds will most likely be the target of the incoming regime - (maybe just for show,maybe for realz)
watch out servants of tyranny, your boss is not known to be honorable.
this will make it look better to the conscious new-ager types and simple minded christians etc.
remember the beast system replaces the whore of babylon system.

We have to set up a vigilante group & exterminate these families otherwise you can’t prevent the crimes because the government doesn’t rule

#StopIlluminati #StopTheFreemans #StopTheRussel #StopTheBundy #StopTheRockefeller #KillTheRothschild

We dont k ow the names of the families and peoples at the top.
We only know of the lower rungs on the nwo ladder.
But we will know them by the rotten fruit they will bear in the comi g tribulation end times beast period etc.
Gd will win thankfully for all those of righteous heart and minds etc.

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I will add this very relevant video I watched yesterday

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