The 5 most reliable real news and conspiracy websites

What! No DTV?!!! Get this spammy bs outta here.



Brhahahha, get out of here!


That’s the conspiracy! :rofl:

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That article is from five years ago! It is horribly out of date - no one respects the Drudge Report anymore, as the owner sold out to TPTB.

Someone needs to create a new list that is accurate for today.


True dave, the fudge reports bent as cnn these days.


Drudge report is now controlled by the conspiritors themselves, not by Matt Drudge,I thought that everyone knew that, or worked it out for themselves by looking at it recently. Its inclusion disinclines me to read the rest of the articles.


I wasn’t aware myself, but I know now :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually I’m a bit of a conspiracy nerd, and so what I assume everyone knows is based on the idea that we are all conspiracy nerds, fact is people with a full active life could well have missed that info. Note to self - don’t go down the evrybody knows road, it is presumptuous and a rather pompous. There I’ve given myself a thoroughly deserved telling off. Hope I paid attention.

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Lol :joy: while it’s a true fact that you are correct in that not everybody knows the blatant fact is that we all live and learn, so I’ve also learnt that not everything written in black and white is good information and I’m probably more of a beginner, so I must in future do a little more studying and ask my friends on this site what’s good and what’s bad :slightly_smiling_face:

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