The Adam Bomb

Many Christian societies have followed the documentation of the bloodlines of Adam.

There are very many interesting topics concerning that line of wonder.

Fact is scholars claim that appoximately 6028 years have passed since the Father created Adam, as the inheritor and keeper. Who then failed his temptations.

But the Father and put part of himself into Adam which made him different than other creations and was thus called Man.

Anything before that time was a humanoid, but not man.

Here is the best visual for understanding how the times and dates add up.



Is this your take on it as well? Or just bring the information up for digestion?

Just vittles for some to chew on.

For this time line is according for Adam and all of us.

For he was the first Man.
But in my oppinion not the first humanoid.

Coupled with the fact we have many archiological discoveries dating far older.

City of Damascus…
Dated upto 10, 000 B.C.!!!


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Keeping With The 12k Civi Cosmos Cycle Thing …

This Go Round

Id Say …

Adam Was Bot 12k Yrs Ago…


Made in God’s image :+1:t2:
But that opens the door for the humanoids, if we go that route.
Were they more intelligent then?
To make these archeological masterpieces and lost or hidden “secret” tech?


Soooooo you are saying God told Cain to go take a humanoid now??

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I dont think they were more intelligent, but the Fallen that inhabited the Earth then.

Lucifer sought to establish himself and his kingdom beyond Earth.

They then reestablished themselves and took wives from men.
Noahs time…

And are now conspiring with the gvmnts, and industries to repeat the same mistakes that corrupted our bloodlines, the earth, and heavens

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You keep bringing Cains wife up.

Not myself.

I dont need to build on that one liner.

Sister, or other doesnt matter to me.

You still cant explain how it is clear that…

No other male children were born from eve until AFTER the birth of Seth.

So how and why are cities, and other inhabitants mentioned?

And if Adam was only 6000 years old.
How do we have cities discovered to be over 10,000 yrs old.???


Hmmmm i say, hmmmm

Dude that was how you justified to me that was proof of pre-adamites. But then you post a video of a man that is saying EVERYONE was destroyed??

Are you telling me that you totally believe the same science that declared a hammer in London that was found was hundreds of thousands of years old and later it was proven it was from the 17th century but yet that same science says COVID is real and the Vaxx is good and now science is evil again?? One video makes one claim while another video makes another claim…

So are you saying you concede that Cain did not get a pre-adamite wife now? Because that is what the Great Bishop here is saying. So if Cain did not have a pre-adamite wife that means she was human like the rest of us? Well the Bishop does not say that either.

Much clarifying needed here.

You Used Said Science

To Claim Adam Had 10+ Kids

Where’s The Biblical Proof

You Say Is Your Standard?:thinking:

DNA Brenda…yep the same science that heretic bishops try to use to prove the Bible incorrect.

This is from the science page of the New York Times an excerpt.

The book of Genesis mentions three of Adam and Eve’s children: Cain, Abel and Seth. But geneticists, by tracing the DNA patterns found in people throughout the world, have now identified lineages descended from 10 sons of a genetic Adam and 18 daughters of Eve.May 2, 2000

I keep hearing about scientists aging things so there is some science for you

There you go?

Where’s The Biblical Proof Supporting This


But Science is a LIE Right?

Biblical Proof…?

I remembered what you were talking about now

For future reference Brenda just saying you disagree with me no matter the subject and you agree with your pals no matter the subject and we can save all this writing over and over…
When you agree with someone on the opposite of where you stand today I will bring that up…

See my response to all of that as well. Its the new york times science section and it does not agree or add credibiliy to the whole pre-adamic theme.

Awesome … …

It was a valid question though. I bet with enough digging there may be an answer within those pages.

What these spiritual seekers of truth ought to look for is much older, and much more primordial beginnings of not just Human Life, but bio-organic Life as it’s known.

This is it, God’s genuine first creation of Life, for it was not the Human form that God truly created, but it was the very source of the Biological Organism itself, the Cell, the Double-Helix, or DNA. The Human Form was already stored within this source code, meant to grow, develop and manifest as the Human Form.

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That Was Interesting …