The Agenda...Global System Slavery


" A slavery system, steeped in the ideologies of transhumanism and technocracy, is being created right before our eyes — and the current lockdowns, closing of small businesses and the redefinition of “normal” are all part of a planned global governance system that will end sovereignty and individual rights."

I wonder when it is considered too far for normal people…or is it too late for them ?


Dude I Just Don’t Know…

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I think we have to get used to it…
We have separated into 2 realities that exist within the same dimension…Those debilitated by lies…
And those liberated by truth.



I Venture

Not Even The Same

Dimension At Times…

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This sh!+ ain’t gonna end. At least not in this reality.
Luke 17 is so applicable to what is going on today. :pray:

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I ConCurr …

So here is a question i now must ask on this subject. If we don’t like certain things. And here are a few examples to show where i am going with this question and these are purly examples. I don’t like homosexuality = homophobe. Don’t like Islam = islamaphobe. Don’t like spiders = arachnophobe. ect ect ect. So i along with many many others don’t like this transhuman crap. Or the technology that is enslaving us. So are we then now the next phobes to add to a growing list designed to divide us all further. Are we now transhumanaphobes? & tecnophobes? How long until those who oppose these things are branded as such?

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Another Way Words Are Used
To Divide…

Disapproval of Something
Is NOT Phobia!!

Trannys are Abhorrent…
Doesn’t Mean I’m Trans Phone…

I Do Not Fear Them
I Loathe and Despise Them…

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I could only get the story at a glance, don’t like subscribing prompting.

A slavery system, steeped in the ideologies of transhumanism and technocracy, is being created right before our eyes

I find it unfortunate that people seem to believe slavery is just beginning, as with these things coming into fruition.

The slavery has been in place, but with the mediums appropriate for the time period.
Monetary means of slavery being one of the oldest, and certainly one of the most successful.
We trade precious moments of our lives away in pursuit of an artificial representation of attaining happiness. When it is only an agreed upon intangible representation of a book keeping scheme.
Devoting ourselves in the pursuit of it, and not what would actually make us happy.

Transhumanism is a double edged advancement in my perspective, as having a nerd/geek disposition. Imaginatively I can see some positive and negative effects from it coming into reality.
At this point the negative out weighs the positive though, with the tribalism ingrained in our society as a whole.
Classism, a dangerous aspect to the implementation of such advances.

Additionally with technology, it in itself is to remove the drudgery from everyday aspects of our lives, freeing us up to further more self enlightening pursuits, development of ourselves and others.

We have been blinded by the game, the game others created and we follow along with, because that is what we were taught, what our parents were taught, and doing anything else is lazy, or being unmotivated.

This is a lie.

And yes, you can play the game. Even attain higher achievements in the game and the seeming luxuries that it presents.
But it still requires more and more of ones time, or taking the time of others. Removing any real progress to be made spiritually, metaphysically or otherwise.

Hence the aberrations of individuals forfeiting weath, prosperity and the like. Achieving enlightenment in the wilderness and coming back to share what they learned with the rest of the busy bodies.

It has itself even become a means of fostering this slavery. As one can pick up a book, read the life and times of so and so, and be guiled into thinking, ‘Ah HA, I have it and understand what it means.’
Now back to work.

When they themselves never took the journey, nor navigated the path to knowledge or enlightenment.

I find it unfortunate, many are seemingly unable to realize this, or just to immerse in the game they can see nothing else but, ‘how am I going to make sure this is taken care of and still have enough for this’ or enough time etc.

What we see more so than the beginning of a new slavery, is more an adaptation by the ones who are, or would be slaver. Adjusting to newer advances that would, if used correctly. Raise up and better humanity as a whole.

Though, as things like oil, gold, water, food are considered resources. The masses of humanity have too, become resources. To be traded and placed in debt to the few who know the real game, and make the rules for that game.

Just my thoughts, in regard to the article.


Total Enslavement

Separation From The Creator


Would Be More Accurate…

F The System

F The Game…

…By Stander…Isnt It InConvenient to Have to Start a Fire Every Day to Cook and For Heat…

…You…Isnt it In Convenient to Work Your Ass Off All Day For Some One Else to Not Have Too…

I Appreciate Your InPut Fab
You Get It


Its the same has the term of racist. A word that now has no true meaning because its used so much out of context to bash people with an opposing view. Just has all the made up phobia’s are. Has the saying goes ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ look at how it is today a single word can be used to totally destroy an individual. By a mear accusation made. When you simply ask a question you automatically get labled. And for the most part it may be a simple question to ask with no ill implied. And when we ask how did this happen why can i nolonger ask a simple question on a subject to become more enlightened. Well look to the left liberal virtue signalling scum communist Marxist anti human end of free speech scumbags. And we been so nice about things have let this all go to far. I for one will continue to ask my questions weather people like them or not. Call me whatever for asking them. But i will stand and fight for my rights to do so. And NEVER be on my knees to these communist scum

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Test A Freakn Phi !!

:rofl::rofl:take enough of those as it is and is just another type of poison used to control us :pill::syringe:

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My take, and it’s only my take, is that all of these “smart” technologies are used to monitor us. Smart phone, smart tv, alexa, vehicle tracking, etc are just a few examples. They are made out to be the newest and best out there and give you a sense of security. However, every time we use these, they are being tracked and recorded. I admit that I own an iphone and a vehicle. I will never get a smart tv or alexa - or anything like it. Call me paranoid, but these things are listening and/or watching. When I am on my iphone and search for something, a pop up appears and asks if they can use my location-to which I respond “NO”. I am sure it tracks me regardless. Don’t make it easy for these left-wing(nuts). Big trouble is coming, everyone knows it but some refuse to acknowledge it!


You’re a robotophobe…


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