The amazing power of sound

In spite of what is currently being thrust upon humanity by tptb, I believe the power of sound will assist many in overcoming this evil.
Tesla said it, Rife proved it. And even if these amazing men were shut down, they were never truly silenced.


The Power of SOUND

Can Not Be



Awesome video!

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Great video my friend.


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Interesting. About 5 or so years ago I started hearing a high pitched frequency/vibration when I was meditating. It is constant. But I only hear it when it is very quiet and I tune in to it. It isn’t tinnitus. Have you or anyone you know experienced this?


Great video. Tesla was spot on IMO. I never get tired of watching the effects of frequency and cymatics.


In The Pyramid Code documentary, 5 episodes on Netflix at a point in time, was revealed that Egyptian had a 12-13 rooms in a row that a sick one could walk and was healthy at the end… all sound therapy… also some devices are in development with different frequency for particular viruses and bacteria that are destroyed by those frequencies… some side effects are noted… hard not to destroy good gut bacteria…


About 30 years ago when I moved into my house I heard an annoying hum type noise in my house, I could not find where it was coming from, it seemed to be from underground or the walls, this lasted for about six months then just stopped.
I believe this has occurred throughout the world.


The rice on the speakers makes me think of crop circles.


Yup! I do sensory deprivation meditation and wear earplugs and ear muffs for total silence and I can’t call it ringing but it certainly is a tone of some type that completely takes over the silence. Not uncomfortable at all, just there. Like right now it’s happening but I hear over it just fine. Then there’s times it’s completely gone. From my understanding of tinnitus, this is something else.

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Interesting you would mention this. I believe sound is used to create those mysterious works of art! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you focused on it, see if you can let it
get intense enough to vibrate you?

I’m guessing it’ll be similar to the high pitched noise you hear when you’re on or close to a DMT breakthrough but 🤷 cool though :+1:t2:

No. I tend to go elsewhere in meditation and have never even considered it. However…
Now that you brought this up, I do believe I’ll give a shot. If you no longer see me posting, it just might mean I vibrated outta here!


Great video, touching on the high pitched sound I to hear this in extreme silence, usually at night and it’s not tinnitus as like has been said it comes and goes. I’m really going to have to try meditation, I recently reduced my alcohol consumption by about 90% so I am now thinking with much more clarity and seeing things I would have missed with my clouded mind. Meditation is definitely something that intrigues me so I will give it a go and hopefully I can connect back to spirituality


Yes, this is my experience as well. Not long after I first discovered the sound a lot of “awakening” information started coming my way. I’ve since moved states to a place I never heard of before, but was very drawn to the place and knew there was a reason I should go. And I just completed Reiki III.
IDK, but I do feel like the universe communicates w us all in different ways.


even no sound is a sound, its the sound that no sound makes


its your refrigerator

“ohm” what?