The Ancient Graves Found On A Welsh Cliff

Go get em girls… In south west Wales the chance discovery of ancient coffins weathering out of a cliff face entice the team, comprised of experts in their chosen disciplines to examine who the graves belong to and how many people are actually buried in the area…As evidence is uncovered many of the team go through strange emotions as the truth about the site is revealed…

I’d be interested in learning what the coast looked like at the time the graves were constructed, how much has it changed?, has coastal erosion altered the area greatly over the time period?..the tools available to archaeologists nowadays are an impressive addition…

Cheers guys :beers:


Love a mystery and there is plenty in Wales and a bit of grave robbing … :beers:


I always loved "The Red Lady of Paviland ", which is one of the oldest known burials in this area.

"The oldest known buried remains in Britain are 33,000 years old, 4,000 years older than previously thought. The findings show that ceremonial burials were taking place in Western Europe much earlier than researchers had believed. "


I nearly tagged ya on this one given the location mate…

Geez that burial is going back a long time…similar to our oldest here…the oddity being the massive time span between it and the next oldest :beers:


Makes you think something catastrophic happened ??? :stuck_out_tongue: :beers:

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Awesome Sauce

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Wait wha?..cataclysm?..nah man NO WAY…that’s erosion all day, and it’s obvious that stuff underwater was built there :crazy_face: :rofl: :beers:

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Cheers Brend…was cool watching the red bull archaeology crew getting amongst it :beers:

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