The best one yet and it ties the illusions you are all stuck in must watch

I wanna read what you think


He is talking of a grail I know nothing about at all. The grail i think of is the cup that Jesus did the Last Supper with his disciples. Many over the years thought that cup would be a golden beautiful bejeweled chalice worth millions. The fact is that Jesus was a simple man during His walk on Earth. I am expecting ir was made of simple pottery, wood or low value metal.

Good read Old Soul. I will try to finish tomorrow

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Sounds like a movie with Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail.

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id be on that movie with him

It might be all about the remnants of his blood & not the actual vessel itself what say?

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Yes that part of the movie was based on facts. The nazis were highly involved in the occult, especially Himmler. They believed if they could get control of all the sacred items of all religions they would garnish all the spiritual power they need to rule the world.
There is also a movie about a group of allied soldiers that had a job to get those things they stole back , cannot remember the name.

My friend we both know what power there is in the blood of Jesus. The thing is we do not need His cup to get that power :+1:


We dont but they might?
Remeber the bible talks a lot about blood and llike life force in it, not to eat it too,
there has to be good reason for that yeah?
I wonder if they just want the blood for whatevr wicked reasons like dna cloning or whatever etc.

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Que :eyes:
The International genetics database agenda…


Hmmm… Son of man.

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This guys seems to be filling in alot of his own blanks. Interesting though.

Look at my other video I just posted before this one it ties in together

Monument men…was that the name of it?

Flat earth…

the naked gun facepalm GIF


Ok… I think this is total horse sh¡t. :racehorse::poop::poop::poop:

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I remember Arizona Wilder ( ex high Satanic priestess) speaking on this subject. It was in fact Royalty who used the gold chalice embedded with jewels to drink the blood of human sacrifices.

Ok sounds very plausible,
probably a gold studde4d dagger too.
Its all about tradition and ceremony for them to enact out the phoney.

Satan mocks and blasphemes everything about God. Remember in the OT it talks about “making children walk through the fire”. The is referring to the cooking of children alive in a over shaped out of a pagan idol. They also would drink the blood of their enemies believing they can absorb their energy.
Modern satanist today drink blood. So do some cults. Satanists believing they are gaining spiritual power by the shedding the blood of the innocents. Its all occult based what they are doing
Blood feeds nourishment to the body and takes away the lethal gases. God told Moses " the blood is the life" because it does keep us alive. You can have the most healthy body in the world but if you lose your blood you die.
In those days it had health reasons as well. Drinking blood is hazardous to ones health. Have you ever noticed satanist look drawn down, ugly, baggy saggy black eyes and puny? They poison themselves and Satan laughs at them says “look at this idiot serving me and killing himself thinking he is harming others, what a dupe”.
The power of Jesus cannot be contained in any device unless He willed it to be so. That cup was just a cup. It was a tool he used to do the communion and most likely it did not even belong to him.
The Ark held the Spirit of God until Jesus died on the Cross. When that veil was torn into and the opening to the Holy of Holies the need for that Ark was gone. The spirit of God was not held in the jeweled box anymore. That Spirit is alive and at work in the world today.
They want the Ark for Occult reasons and the Jews want it because they believe where ever it is the Spirit of God is still in it…
You and I know better my friend.
I will be glad when we meet one day.

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A demented woman says some crazy shiit and you believe it ?

Arizona Wilder A.k.a. Jennifer Ann Greene/Kealey

" Arizona Wilder is the glorious sometimes sidekick of David Icke and possibly the craziest person on the Internet able to form minimally coherent sentences and (arguably) avoid color combinations unintentionally conducive to producing epileptic seizures. Wilder is, in short, into virtually every conspiracy theory and piece of pseudoscience known to the Internet, with little regard for internal consistency."