The black opal....mother of of all gemstones

At up to $43k a gram, the black opal is top of the tree for…

Black opals are exceptionally rare in that they are known to form in only one place Australia… In fact, most of the opals found on the continent are from the town of Lightning Ridge… This means that the large majority of these gems form on a single pinpoint on the entire planet…Australia makes up 90% of the world’s opal market…

So why are opals found here?’s the nature of the landscape… they are made from a solution of silicon dioxide and water…the water carries silica through the earth, depositing it in cracks and openings in the crust…eventually the water evaporates, but the chemical deposit is left behind…add some pressure and thousands of years of it to this process and eventually an opal takes shape…

How do opals throw the colours they do?..

This is because their main ingredient silica is the same one as in glass…as it is mentioned above when the water evaporates, it leaves behind a silica deposit…due to the fact these deposits are spherical and it is their stacking layer upon layer that creates gaps between the spheres, as the light passes through the spheres and their gaps, it splits like a rainbow from a prism. The result is the aurora or even peacock like patterns of an opal’s many colours…

How are opals graded?..

The two images below are considered an excellent pattern…


The two images below are considered good patterns…


As you can see in these examples, the is a massive scope of colours and colour combinations…

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STUNNING gemstone. Good benefits from their vibration too.



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Gold looks so plain in comparison with those beauties.

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Gold is Just
The Frame

But gold is malleable, one of the it so popular.


@brendace @nancy.veronica I hear you ladies, I’m just more astonished with the beauty of gems.

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Me Too😽…

I have heard this…plus they look awesome, win win :beers:

No dramas Brend, I’m about 42,999 short of owning one :rofl: :beers:

Incredible range of colours hey…diamonds are a girls best friend? Pffft, the bloke that came up with that rouse couldn’t afford these guys :rofl: :beers:


Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy as a pig in :poop: finding gold too, but it’s colours aren’t anywhere near as cool as opals imho :beers:


Diamonds R a Bore


The universe and all its galaxies…


I lived in lightning Ridge for a few years😁


As awesome as they are, they don’t hold a candle to opals :beers:

Tell me you went opal hunting?..I told my missus I’m keen as to go have a crack…I can so long as I take the kids…I’m already in front on labour costs :rofl: :beers:

There’s some awesome specimens out there… :beers:

Absolutely amazing! I really like the one that looks like the night sky with the green streak it looks like the aurora borealis to me… beautiful!


Your on the money mate, it’s called a rolling flash so very similar to the lights :beers:

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