The Card of the Matrix

In this video we show you the structure of the matrix with our self-made map. It shows the path that a personality can choose after death, whether they want to go back into the light or change through a portal into the free universe.

We also show the 7 levels of the matrix, as well as the levels from the third dimension to the ninth dimension.

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Shiva Suraya & Jonathan Dilas

As a Christian I always hear “you cannot prove that”…

So tell me can you prove this.

My point in asking is curiosity why people will believe one thing but not another.?

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This info he has gotten above astral travel and Dissoziation,Tranzendal Meditation etc had make a course at him
and i can say he know what he doing, have make a astraltravel course and it works !!
have see things that i never see´n before , so i trust this info must i say

No disrespect but as I said I have experienced many spiritual Christian things…I also know on a Christian standpoint what this means. How can you prove what you are saying is true unless they try to do it themselves? The attempt to do it to a Christian is where the danger lies.

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I understand your site , many stuff is fake behind this im careful BUT
its based on Tranzendal Meditation , in which are know for a long time for out of body travel
you can visit with it the whole universe , had give the possibility to learn it on a course
and i see it life that there is what , which cannot really be put into words
He shows me how to travel, how to pull you out of your own dream into your own dream, and then create or destroy the entire world in it, I have experienced all of this myself thanks to Jonathan Dilas, so I believe in that I have to say

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I trust that you believe it, I trust that you are being honest.

Other than doing it myself how do I know this is real?

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Learn Tranzendal Meditation , gives many locations worldwide that can teach you tm
when you can it , you are able to test if it real
you are able to meet other persons / existence levels , talk to other tm users
and so you can know more about the universe than you are told openly here

I know that sounds unbelievable the first time, but it is neither a joke nor a lie, so I can only recommend everyone to learn tranzendal meditaion and see for themselves

I appreciate the offer man, but no thanks. I have already tapped into the power of the universe. I did not have to learn to do it I just accepted it.
My reason was only to see if you could prove it because as Christians we hear that all the time. But you may not experience that because people deny Christianity as an excuse to live as they please.

So does your believe have a system of morality?

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yes my belief has a system of moral, but I believe more of a spiritism than a religion, I have to say because I think that the religions only want to draw their profit from the belief and I am of the opinion that this cannot be combined, because who wins it is not about the truth or the truth

For my part, I would not have thought that possible either, but was taught better, which is also extremely interesting, are regression therapies in which one gets to know one’s previous lives, I have already experienced this and can only recommend it to everyone, but clearly very much Many things cannot be proven if you don’t experience them yourself, and with the many lies that there are, I don’t take it offense if you have doubts, so I always say whoever doubts should try it for themselves


I say the same of Jesus my friend. If you really want your eyes open try Him. Do not listen to the naysayers of the world say you are not a good Christian. That is the same thing Satan has said to every believer as long as there has been Christians.


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