The case against reality and the Conscious Agent Theory

Hey, thanks for taking the time to have a read! I’ve been a long time follower and fan of however, I just kinda watched from the side lines and enjoyed reading the awesome posts and seeing the banter and arguments unfold, but I never really joined in.

Anyway, I’m changing things up and wanted to get to know you folks a bit better and share some ideas and thoughts. I’m hoping the new and IMHO better Disclose will be around for the foreseeable future.

So, I’m Cainer and one thing I love to discuss is consciousness, along with ancient history and all the juicy conspiracy stuff lol I was brought up to believe in God, as a Catholic and also in the CoE however, one thing I noticed as a kid was just how mean God could be to the people he created. I kinda lost interest in religion early on, however, I felt like us being alive wasn’t one big bang accident either and we were created, but not in the biblical sense.

I went on a mission, I studied a lot of science and quantum mechanics and got deep into metaphysics and then ultimately, found spiritual teachings. I found it intriguing when having deep discussions with my dad, who is a very spiritual guy in the sense that he meditates every day, to reduce his karma, doesn’t eat meat etc and when discussing super string theory with him, he told me that in some of the teachings he’s read from India, they talked about there being 5 strings of vibrating energy, which created all the matter in the universe and that there were 10 different levels of reality’s or dimensions in science speak, and it kinda sounded like the base of super string theory to me and it got me excited.

Over time and doing years of research, truth seeking and soul searching, whilst also having some weird and what felt like spiritual experiences, I kinda came to the conclusion that we are all just part of one big, infinite consciousness - like being in an dream or simulation. I believe some ancient cultures believed we lived in an illusion or dream, which was their way of describing reality.

But I also thought and have had personal experiences that reality that we take part in every day wasn’t real; yeah I mean its real in a sense, I hurt and can feel matter, but its not the underlying truth of what’s really going on.
However, I didn’t have the mind power or vocabulary available to try and explain it…but this guy Prof. Donald Hoffman does.

I think in the below video he sums up, for me anyways, the best explanation of what consciousness could be. Not a huge fan of the interviewer, but he does a good job in breaking it down for us simple folks (I’m speaking for myself here) lol

Please enjoy! :slight_smile:


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Thanks buddy!

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@Cainer, Your personal story resonates w/me,…
The video is a tad long, so i saved to watch in full later.

Thx for the post.

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Thanks very much mate - yeah, it is a wee bit long I agree but defo worth your time, if you’re into this sorta thing :grinning: Have a great day buddy

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