The Child Abuse of Feminists

This shows that feminism, like so many other variants of political correctness, is a manifestation of mental illness, which not only destroys societies, but families as well. This video in particular catalogs a case which could very arguably be called child abuse.


Man abuse too … feminism was developed and weaponized by communists to destroy family values as family is cornerstone of every stable normal society.

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Fantastic! A sober perspective on this perversion. I think feminists are a detriment to the amazing and crucial role women play in our society. This mindset is a result of very premeditated and deliberate psychological progrmaing. Keep an eye on the kids 10 -15 years from now…. the pendulum will swing!

Bravo Sarah, Bravo!

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Absolute social poison designed to break the family unit.
Nothing to do with empowering women exact opposite.
Mental illness mind control.

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I certainly hope that her son(s) turn out okay despite the environment that he is being raised in. It’s not impossible to outgrow harsh circumstances as a child, but it certainly isn’t a “privilege”. Perhaps one day, when he reflects upon the school that he was sent to, and realizes that he was intentionally sent to the worst one in the area – that he will awaken. It will be a painful day for him, however, because no boy wants to see his mother harshly.

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I hope she comes to her senses before, alas that level of mind job is rather permanent. That poor kid and many like him, these parents will regret their madness many times over. You can see it in her face she’s cray cray, smug self-righteous pretentious holier than though libby loo. We have tons of them around here. Its a society wide epidemic, and what lies beneath is shocking to say the least. Lets put it this way do the intelligence agencies have the power and the motive to drive society in this direction? A yup.

Love your videos you do good work! Thanks for offering a sane point of view in these crazy times. :beers:

My wife is not a feminist. She has a career. We are equal on every manner and I always put her wishes first if possible. I am not P whipped I just enjoy making her happy. I have had to put my foot down a couple of times in our marriage and then she will do the biblical thing. We do not fight and argue because both of us has made it a focus to put the other first. Our kids love us and are successful and self providing… She also has no respect for the bull dykeish fems because she said what they propose is a step back for a lot of women.


Sounds like a healthy relationship!

We have actually had an argument because both of us wanted the other to decide what restaurant to eat …so we picked one and flipped a coin.

Back on subject…my observation is that most of those raging feminists that are man haters are the ones that cannot get a man anyway.


Ain’t that the truth of it and the domestic abuse is something else. A mental health catastrophe, in a society where most psychologists are passive aggressive gits and mentally ill themselves… it don’t look good.

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It is written that everything will be turned upside down and today look at it. Sexuality has gotten to be like picking up 4 gallons of unknown paint and mixing it all together. You dont know what it will look like and most likely it wont be good.

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