The cryptocurrency industry is a giant scam. Cash out now before you lose all your money


This bloke does not bring a single argument in his video, just his fabulous experience. I call BS.

If electronic voting is a scam , why would electronic money trustworthy


BitcoinSV is the real bitcoin.

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BitcoinSV is the real bitcoin you just don’t know it yet.

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To all dtv users. The reply above says it all at the heart of the digital issue… please feel free to buy or sell crypto invisible lose your memory card, stick, keychain, or stuffed animal disguised to hold a
sd. Card… it’s not solid until it’s in your hand in gold. I bring up a San disk memory stick a guy had passwords to all his bitcoins all stored on sd card n holder the bit coins on it were in the thousands… tha man had a vengeful X,girlfriend that knew the game and tricked him to throwing ad card away. Needless to say he lost it all and supposedly tells all he sees if you find his car in dump he will split it the finder… .my thought are my gold in my hand is there…my credit or debit cards are usable only if machine and cpu work both at same time. T.p.t
B. Gonna trick most sheeple into using digital money and say poof 1 world money. .I’m staying with gold silver and some cash and lots of usable tools and sealable or trader of whatever. I’ll use my friends still to legally make ethanol to burn in my coyote motored 2011/13 flex fuel vehicle. Woods free n years cheap n times fleeting. My community is full of normal people 45 mins from a major city with same thoughts. Crypto is a bad word based on secrets. I’m jus saying look it’s all peoples choices but the above reply b4 mine was short n sweet.

This happens everytime crypto breaks records. All of you had the chance to buy low if you researched what crypto is and what it will become. To hate now is laughable.

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OK send me $1 in btc then

Cant, then ill have 1$ less

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exactly that’s called a scam

Such a giant scam, every body wants it. Get them to sell and you buy in lower-inside job.

Scam my ass. No idea.

If you don’t understand there are several excellent projects out there reshaping the world of decentralised finance. those ones will last in the end because they have real world uses. something like radix where the entire world can run on it’s platform instantaneously using all apps and gateways for payments. !


Otherwise its just like stocks, it’s a betting game with both serious projects and silly coins like dogecoin.

There is big institutional money pouring in now and sure thing they’re going to take profits and the market will have wild swings. But people are waking up to know they’d rather have a volatile asset class that gives 20-200x on safe warm and cozy bank interest or managed funds that lose money!

If you purchased almost anything in the past 90 days you’d be well up right now.
Or if you were lucky enough to get binance coin for 10 cents in late 2017 you’d be very happy right now with the $300 per coin price! that’s retirement money for most people.

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I think it’s just a generation understanding gap. I see the older generation bashing cryptos and all using it. It’s been more than 10 years I’m hearing from older economics professionals that all is fake and worthless.
On the other side younger one are quiet and people that I know were holders are enjoying the gains now…

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Their opinions are more worthless lol

1.7 trillion market cap with bitcoin itself hitting 1 trillion last night.

1200 to 12,000% up in 12 months for even this shortlist I have.

I’d much prefer a volatile asset that pays big vs some shitty 0.5% bank interest or managed fund that benefits them and not you or me.

BSV or the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision will probably be the future’s black market crypto currency or the real untraceable money like cash today.
The others that survive will probably be adopted by the institutions.
We’ll know by 2030 :wink:


If you trade, than it’s the best market. Hi volatility it’s the key.
Remember not to invest money that you cant afford to lose :money_with_wings::wink:

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