The Daily Sheeple, it appears to be real, take a look

It’s safe so stop worrying that’s it’s not, I thought I’d get that in before the moaners start again :joy:

Sorry Chris…I gotta claim ignorance here…I have no idea what you are asking for…must be one of those threads people ask for more explanation of…:flushed:

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Oh I had someone complaining about a link I shared a few days ago whining that the link might be bad :roll_eyes:
Sheeple is a word that has come to the fore these days meaning I presume docile people who believe anything! So quite crazily as I was browsing through some internet search results The Daily Sheeple reared it’s head, it’s an online media news site which looks quite interesting to be honest with you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aww. It’s out of date by a year.

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When I clicked your page above nothing happened,hence my question…:+1:


Just clicked on the link at the bottom myself snd it worked ok :ok_hand:

Sheeple is not out of date, and that definition fit’s many as far as I am concerned.

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I got the definition one👍

Didnt work when i got on it.

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